I’m still adding to the list of 101. Any suggestions?

1. Join a professional association for Leadership Educators.– NCLP
2. Invest in a new camera.
3. Take someone I want to learn from out to coffee/dinner/lunch at least once a month.
4. Run/Walk a 5K. The Color Run! March 30,2013
5. Do more guest blogs. (DahliaLynn: Love You, Love for 30 Project, Girls To The Moon, Mavenly.Co, Yellow Co.)
6. Send email to leadership friends for insight into their world. Sent on April 2nd
7. Get personal business cards.
8. Take on a Board/Council position within the Junior League of Nasvhille. Provisonal Chair & VP Membership 2014-2015
9. Be nominated for and apply again for Nashville Emerging Leader Awards. –Nominated!–I have until I’m 40.
10. Participate in a Nashville based leadership development program. –??– Nashville Emerging Leaders begins in February!
11. Go to Bluebird Cafe.
14. Eat at 1 new restaurant per month. (April-Taqueria del Sol, GermanTown Café, May- blvd. June- etch., Flemings’, Sunset Grill, August- Puckett’s…I’m not keeping up with this but it’s happening, people–check my bank statement.
15. Make it to the gym 3X per week for at least 3 months.–Barre3 is my thing now and I’m already in month 2.
16. ToastMasters–trying it again with another chapter. Not my thing
17. Drink at least 2 bottles of water per day for at least a month.
18. Pick an exercise class and stick to it for at least 3 months.
19. Send 2 random cards to friends at least twice a month. (March, April, May, June ’15)
20. Do Karaoke in Nashville.
21. Go to Gatlinburg, TN and Memphis, TN.
22. Take a trip every 8 months to a new destination in the US.
23. Make plans to go abroad and go!
24. Pay off debt. –Paid off the Mazda! –had to get a new car :(.–There’s other debt to tend to.
25. Clean my house at least 1x per week. I live alone. I’m messy.
26. Get my car detailed.–new car.
27. Grocery shop every month. I eat out A LOT!
28. Join CABLE. –??— No thanks.
29. Go on a date.
30. Cook 1 meal per week.
31. Recommit to a small group. –??
32. Take a trip to W&M.— October 2015, February 2015
33. Read at least 1 new book per month. (April- The Great Gatsby, Lean In, May- Where’d You Go Bernadette?, NW, June- Z, Wife 22, Grace, July- The Fault In Our Stars–this is happening…
34. Send my mom more cards. She keeps them all.
35. Find my signature scent. –Perhaps Flower Bomb? I’m loving it.
36. Buy a great pair of tailored black pants.
37. Take time alone with God in the mornings at least 3X per week.
38. Read the entire Harry Potter series. –?? I don’t care.
39. Get a massage. April 19
40. Find a primary physician. Appointment on May 23rd…let’s hope I like her. –Success! Dr. Tiffany Hines
41. Go on a hike. Nantahala–hiked with my friend Dorothy Lou 🙂
42. Clean up my computers (work/home).
43. Decorate my home like a grown up. Curtains? Coffee Table? New TV?
44. Throw a dinner party/supper club in my home.
45. Send out Christmas Greetings. –Next year?
47. Plan and have a classy 30th birthday party.
48. Professionalize my closet.
49. Invest in big girl heels. —I think my neutral Maddens count :).
51. Go home at 5 as often as I possibly can.
52. Leave at least 1 night per week during the weekday that I don’t have any evening plans.
53. Be a lead facilitator or Keynote Speaker at more events. (July–Wooden Institute, January–Delta Chi, UTC, VU EBX, The Founders’ Academy for Alpha Xi Delta, USAC in July, College Media Association in June, UTC FSLA, Austin Peay IMPACT, AXO InTune, NEU FSL Summit, IMPACT Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville, –yeah!
54. Be accepted as a LeaderShape Cluster Facilitator. –next year? life got in the way of applying
55. Host a book collection event for Book ‘Em.
56. Make more 1:1 connections with students at Vandy.
57. See a therapist. –Ellen Clark is a saint
58. See at least 1 live musical performance a month. (March-Music City Roots, Melodores, April- Bonnie & Eleanor Whitmore with John D in Austin, TX, Rites of Spring, May- The Flaming Lips & The Black Keys, June- Musicians’ Corner, She & Him, August- Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line, Matt Nathanson, Beyoncé, The Wild Feathers; September- Blake Shelton, October- Luke Bryan, The Naked & Famous, The Colourist, Jennifer Nettles; December- JOHNNYSWIM, Natalie Grant, –Katy Perry, Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Sara Bareilles, Justin in December–I went to Bonnaroo!
60. Create a fun night in Bellevue.–Publicity with Emily and Music City Roots with Leslee totally counts. Not to mention Cheekwood :).
61. Go to fun and fancy ball in Nashville.
62. Invest in my blog more and post consistently, at least 1x a week. Also, perhaps becoming a part of a blogging community to learn from others. (Blog Nashville, putting together a editorial schedule)
63. Go to at least 2 Broadway shows at TPAC. Flashdance and Peter Pan, Wicked
64. Go to a Nashville Symphony Concert. –Beethoven’s Eroica
65. Go to the Nashville Ballet. –Purchased my tickets and now I just have to get to February :).
66. Plan a trip to New York to see all my friends and former students. –October (fingers crossed)
67. Pedal Tavern- Scheduled for July 18th
68. Johnny Cash Weekend–museum, wear black, pie, watch “Walk the Line”
69. Build my online portfolio.

70. Take a trip to San Francisco to see my Dorothy Lou.

71. Attend Campuspeak’s College Speaker Academy in December.

72. Take a trip to Raleigh to see the Fry Family.

73. Go natural with my hair…eek!

74. Organize all of my pictures.

75. Create my own TED Talk and work to speak at TEDX Nashville.

76. Figure out my 33rd Birthday Trip.

77. Run the GOTR Nashville 5K.

78. Create a leadership program based on Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”.

79. Create a women’s leadership development program.

80. Attend a “How To” Class.

81. Take a trip with my Aunt Brenda.

82. Staycation in Nashville.

83. Send Christopher a care package.

84. Buy my mom a killer Christmas present.

85. Increase my political engagement.–Women in Numbers, Mayoral Race, NLC 

86. Donate more to William & Mary. Make my $16.93 an annual thing.

87. Wake up at 5am at least 2 days a week.

88. Reconnect with Linda Clement, VP of Student Affairs at UMD and my graduate school advisor.

89. Go to a concert at Red Rocks.

90. Attend the Yellow Conference.

91. Visit Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA

92. Complete the Barre3 January-February challenge.

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