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Check out this post for an introduction to S.A.I.L. Success, Authenticity, Innovation, and Love is a personal development workshop series humbly hosted by me, Krystal N. Clark, M.Ed. The first session took place on February 3rd at Atmalogy in Nashville, TN. S.A.I.L is a women centered environment. A place where women can support, challenge, think, talk, and most importantly do. S.A.I.L is a catalyst to action. I want women to take what they learn in each session and engage in intense and relevant life design. I’m simply a facilitator and host but everyone in the room serves as an educator and a learner. Currently S.A.I.L is in pilot mode and the ideal group size is 20-25. My hope is that S.A.I.L can grow in size and prominence throughout the city of Nashville. One day, I hope to take this show on the road and bring S.A.I.L to a city near you.

The next workshop, Innovation/Creativity, will take place on Tuesday, April 19th  from 6:15-7:45pm in Atmalogy’s Celebrate Room. If you’re interested in attending, please send an email to krystalnclark@gmail.com.

I hope that you’re able to join us as we take a look at what it means to be authentic, the challenges and rewards of showing up as your true self, and practical ways that we can begin or continue the process of actually “keeping it real”.

S.A.I.L is FREE but I’m issuing a Nashville Donation Challenge for the next three sessions. We have a huge privilege in being able to learn and grow in this space. Let’s not forget those who lack basic necessities. Stay tuned for our next Challenge Nonprofit!

At the end of each session, I will ask all participants to submit a post-it with their key takeaway from the session. Whether it be new information, a quote, a resource, a moment that hit them in the gut, or anything that resonates. Here’s a sample from the SUCCESS session:

  • “You must give yourself buckets of grace! How can I actively do this in my life? “
  • “If you don’t design your life…someone else will.”
  • “It’s okay to fail as long as I am working to ‘leave my fingerprints on someone’s soul’.”
  • “Your definition of success should be in alignment with your Why.”
  • “There is so much benefit in connecting with people you don’t know. Our similarities are much greater than our differences.”
  • “Place yourself in a position where your strengths can shine and grow.”
  • “Everyone is trying to own your life and time. How do you take it back/”
  • “Everyone has a fear of failure. Imposter syndrome is real so have self-kindness/self-grace–you are doing better than you think you are.”

Good stuff, right?

I just love the work I get to do to bring this passion project to life.

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