I Go Out Walking After Midnight Searching for You

Actually, I don’t go out walking after midnight because I mean, I’m sleeping after midnight and that isn’t really safe. It was just the first song that popped into my mind about walking. I’m also in Nashville so Patsy Cline isn’t really a stretch of the imagination.

I’ve been walking and I’ve quite enjoyed it. Follow me on Instagram (@clarkkn) to see the pics I’ve taken on my adventures #kcwalksvu.

right where you are

Things I’ve Come to Know

1. The campus is freaking gorgeous! I’m obsessed with all the trees. I think that trees are magical. We have a lot of trees, like BOSS trees.
2. Having a student make eye contact, smile and say hello is rare. We’re in the South BUT perhaps I’m not encountering our Southern students on my walks or they are just so bogged down in life that they can’t even be bothered to look up and acknowledge their surroundings. Hmm…
3. On that note, there is nothing like walking around a college campus as an administrator and seeing a student light up when they see you walking around campus. “KRYSTAL, [insert hug] so good to see you, what are you doing over here? How are you? We miss you.”
4. College is stressful for college students. I forgot the haze one enters into right before a test. I stopped into a classroom building prior to a test for a potty break and you could feel the tension as the students lined the walls taking once last glance at their scribbled notes.
5. My favorite thing in college to this day was being a campus Tour Guide. I smile whenever I see a tour on campus. I absolutely loved the experience and can still walk backwards with the best of them :).
6. There are a MILLION things happening on campus every day of the week. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve started putting some things on my calendar because one perk of working at a university, especially a well resourced university, is that there are some pretty incredible programming opportunities for students that staff can take advantage of as well. Also, I can still pass for a student SO I just wander into things and no one seems to mind.
7. Listening to first-year students’ conversations while walking is absolutely painful. Since I’m working to blend into the campus community, I have to fight all urges to a. laugh b. physically harm them with a smack upside the head or a good shake c. throw massive amounts of shade d. lock them in their room until graduation e. stand on a tree stump and scream at them through a microphone or f. call a parent/guardian –I’d also like to start a campaign called “Cover Your Cookie” AKA can you please make sure that the length/tightness of your dress/shorts/leggings does not serve as a way for us to confirm your biological sex? We don’t need to see ALL of that when we’re taking a leisurely stroll across campus.
8. We have a cool Farmers’ Market on Thursdays with delicious hummus. Ahem! Hummus is delicious?! MIND. BLOWN.
9. Students are having civil discourse on campus about important issues. Whoo Hoo!
10. Taking someone on a tour of the place in which you work is a great refresher of how good you have it. A beautiful building, a lovely office, fun people to chat with about my personal and professional life. Randwiches, the ladies that make the Randwiches, Brookies (Brownie Cookies), a ticketmaster downstairs, and a patio right outside my office.

In all, I’m still not sure if this is THE PLACE for me but I’m finding more and more things to like about it. Baby steps! I’ve decided to keep walking because it does give me a wonderful opportunity to exhale and I am learning a great deal about the campus culture. Maybe, I’ll find my place after all. Sigh!

Later Y’all!

Red, White, & Blue–Happy 4th of July!

Had so much last week styling Chambray themed outfits that I had to come back for Red, White, & Blue. This happens to be one of my favorite color combinations and when I was in my Tommy Hilfiger phase, I probably wore these three colors everyday of the week. The 4th of July is upon us and I have fond memories of watching fireworks on my aunt’s patio. I went to college in Colonial Williamsburg so 4th of July is a big deal. The colonists would come out in full force with an incredible fireworks display, fife and drum band, and an authentic celebration of America’s independence. I then had the amazing fortune of celebrating a few summers in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Needless to say, I have high standards for 4th of July celebrations. This summer, I’ll be celebrating with friends and watching some fireworks in downtown Nashville. How are you celebrating our nation’s birthday? Whatever you do, don’t forget to honor our nation’s troops. God bless the men and women who continue to fight to preserve our freedom. My dad was in the Army and my brother in the Air Force–I have great respect for the Armed Forces. America ain’t perfect, but she’s my home. I’m proud to be an American.

Check out my Red, White, & Blue (and Camo) below:


Thanks Trend Spin Linkup for another good time. Make sure to check out Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas. Happy 4th of July!

Later Y’all.

Trend Spin Link Up

This week’s Trend: Chambray

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Who doesn’t love the comfort and versatility of chambray?

Look 1: Merona Chambray Button-Up: Target (old), Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old), Sandals: Nine West (old), Crossbody Bag: Emilie M (gift from mom), Bracelets: Target (wooden), Hybrid Her (chevron), and watch from Target

Look 2: Top: Anne Taylor Loft, Shorts: LC by Lauren Conrad from Kohls’,Shoes: American Eagle from Payless, Starfish Cork Clutch: Diane E. Kelly, Watch from Target, Polka Dot Bracelet from Hybrid Her

Look 3: Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: BCBGeneration from TJ Maxx, and Bag: Dooney & Burke

How do you wear your Chambray?

Later y’all.



Try mixing your prints and patterns.

Camo and stripes or polka dots and floral? Pick your poison.


Don’t be nervous. I received rave compliments from both outfits and I wore one to work and the other to church.

Later y’all.


I have gotten back into the habit of posting my Outfit of the Day (OOTD) on Instagram (clarkkn). It is actually quite easy to forget to do this in the morning. This act helps me understand my closet and I haven’t shopped in quite a while as I’m intrigued by the new ensembles I’ve been able to create this summer with the items I currently own. As I’m working to become more fiscally responsible, I clearly understand that I must shop less and do more with less. A new season, some new hair, and a new perspective through the lens has helped make this process much less difficult. Bloggers always talk about “remixing” and “shopping your closet” and there are often positive outcomes that come out of these exercises. Blogs and Pinterest inspire my new outfits as I learn more about mixing colors and patterns. I’ve also become more comfortable with my body and that leads me to wear clothing in ways that I may never have attempted in the past.

I turned 30 in April and a part of me feels like I should dress in a more mature manner. I also just started a new position at work so perhaps that should also dictate the way in which I dress. Hmm…at the end of the day, I’m not a business suit sort of gal. I enjoy a colorful belted dress, a cardigan/blazer, a cute flat, and a killer scarf. I keep it colorful, approachable, fun, and professional with a slight twist.

I encourage you to go through your closet. The first day of summer is the 21st and it’s a great time of the year to reflect on your style.

Here are some tips:

-Toss those things that don’t fit or are beyond repair.
– Add a belt. If a belt came with your item then switch it out for a different belt.
– Mix patterns. Stripes/polka dots and leopard/polka dots are currently my favorite pairings.
– Try a different shoe. Add a fun flat or a good wedge.
– Throw on a brigh cardigan.
– Drape a scarf around your neck.
– Experiment with layers.
– If you usually tuck it, then don’t tuck it. If you usually button it, then try it unbuttoned.
– Carry a cool pouch/clutch instead of a traditional handbag.
– Add a fun piece of jewelry.
– Pin outfits that you like or rip pages out of a magazine. Recreate those looks and figure out what actually works for you.
– Make sure each of your pieces is versatile and can serve you in at least 2 areas of your life. I’m on a budget so I don’t have many “going out” clothes. I have clothes that can “go out” when I take off my blazer and add a heel instead of a flat. Versatility is key!
– Have fun! Care less about what others think. Fashion is fun :).

What are your tips when spicing up your wardrobe?

Later Y’all