On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.


1. The sheer cuteness of little kids in Halloween costumes. I mean, are you kidding me? They are just adorable! I turn into a puddle. Thanks moms/dads for posting those pics on Facebook. Made my heart swell.

2. OTC medication and Simply Orange w/ NO PULP! Just got over the ACHOOS! and COUGHS! Thanks to a run to CVS and Kroger, I was able to pull myself back together. I often feel that getting sick is just a sign from God that your body needs a break. He was totally right as per usual. I also think God uses it as a reminder that my mom is totally awesome and took such amazing care of me when I was a kid. Well, who am I fooling? She takes amazing care of me now. I just wish she was here to burrito me into bed after applying Vicks’ VaporRub.

3. Women eager to become leaders in the Panhellenic community. Nice little turnout at the Information Session today. Great questions and big smiles. Let’s hope the future is bright for Panhellenic.

4. People who pass on good things they’ve heard about you in the community. “I’ve been told that you’re awesome.” “Oh my gosh, my friend loves you!” “My roommate told me that you’re really funny.” Do people a favor and pass on what you hear. Nothing better than a game of positive “Telephone”. Make people smile–tell them the good.

Tis the month of Thanksgiving so  I feel like the “Thankful Train” is about to pick up speed just about everywhere. I’ve already seen a Facebook friend begin her daily grateful Facebook post and Dina Manzo (formely of Real Housewives of NJ or RHONJ) is doing a Grateful Twitter campaign. Yes, I just used a RHONJ Housewife as a reference. Deal with it! At least it wasn’t Teresa! You should think about climbing on board and reflecting on what you’re thankful for at this time in your life.

Later Y’all.