The Hannah Project

I enjoy getting myself involved in causes throughout the city of Nashville. I’ve been incredibly blessed and I want to pass those blessings on to our less fortunate Nashville community members.

I’ve recently taken a great interest in The Hannah Project. Check out this program at

The Hannah Project was created by Assistant District Attorney Antoinette Welch. ADA Welch also happens to be a former Nashville Police Officer, my sorority sister, and just an all around amazing woman, wife, and mother.

The Hannah Project is a program, now being court ordered, that was started by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office in an effort to educate and help women who are currently involved in prostitution, whether by choice or by force. After completing the one day program, the women can have their case dismissed and receive assistance in having the charge expunged from their record. The program is facilitated by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office (taken from Facebook).

As you all might know, Nashville is a popular site for sex trafficking and Antoinette sees women everyday who have been trafficked into Nashville. These women come to her in a variety of conditions. Overall, many are scared, unhealthy, brutalized, brow beaten, addicted, and unable to see any way out of their current life. This program helps give them resources to help move towards making a difference in their lives.

Imagine this woman being one of your friends, family members, students, classmates, or even you. I know that prostitution isn’t really a topic we’ve covered in conversation but it is a reality and it isn’t a Julia Roberts movie. I have been moved to tears listening to Antoinette tell stories of participants of The Hannah Project.

Prostitution is not always a choice and even when it is a “choice”, we as a community have failed a woman who sees this as her best option to make a living.

Please check out The Hannah Project and “like” the Facebook Page. If this piques your interest, also check out Thistle Farms. If Thistle Farms doesn’t touch your heart then I have serious concerns about you as a human being. I love Thistle Farms products and I know that every ounce of it was made by women seeking a better life. You can’t help but feel the healing that is produced by these delicious smelling items.

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact the founder at I’m holding a mini drive right now for feminine hygiene products. If you’re interested in donating, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

The people of Nashville have big hearts. We have to wrap our arms around these women and let them know that there is a different life available to them. “Love heals.”