“I will do one thing today…”

Standard advice: Put your goals on paper. If you put them on paper they shall be yours.

Done. Here is a start:

1. Serve as a lead facilitator for UIFI.
2. Present at a national conference. I have taken an unintentional break.
3. Become more active in the Nashville DDD Alumnae Chapter.
4. Provide a fun, relationship building, and educational entry into JLN for my Provisional Group.
5. Work with Shamburger and facilitation team to take GTT to the next level.
6. Apply for Ed.D. Program at Vanderbilt.
7. Put forth a great effort in obtaining the role of Region II Director for AFA.
8. Become more intentional about BBBS.
9. Rededicate myself to CGT and helping the group grow spiritually and numerically since God has sent some of our member on a different path.
10. Write more. Speak more.
11. Make things right with a dear friend.

These need to be expanded upon very soon–SMART goals, anyone? However, I have to think, “What happens if I don’t meet these goals?”. I tend to drive myself into the ground when I set my mind to accomplishing a goal. I have to balance myself by creating a basic understand that my life won’t end if I can’t check these items off the list. In fact, my life might move in another direction that is better for me. These are things I “want” to do and don’t “need” to do. This one statement keeps me from going off the edge. He has plans for me and it might not include any of the above. Am I the only one that hears God laughing?

I am learning to trust in Him and His timing. So far, so good. These 29 years haven’t been too bad ;).

Goals are great but I have to keep in mind that I, alone am not navigating this journey. At times that brings me a great deal of frustration but at other time so much comfort.

So, what do you think?

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