Well, if it isn’t October.

October has rounded the corner and is standing on my doorstep.

I love fall. I love the colors of fall. The leaves. The clothes. I how much more beautiful long drives become in the fall. I love true football weather (and describing air as crisp). I love the holiday spirit that begins to bloom at the beginning of fall. Fall also reminds me of William & Mary (my beloved alma mater) because it is the most beautiful in the fall. In fact, it is downright breathtaking (see below).

How could you not want to be here in the fall? Perfection! God’s hands left a special mark on this campus.

Here’s a couple of things I’m looking forward to in the 10th month of the calendar year.

1. My aunt Brenda arrives on October 5th. Can’t wait to have some Virginia in the state of Tennessee. I love playing tourist in Nashville and she was made to be a tourist. Gotta work on our itinerary. She’s a planned person (I get it honestly, folks). I also get my love of books and work from her. She’s a nerd; I’m a nerd, and together we drive my mom, who is not a nerd, nuts.

2. Hopefully going to see Delta Rae at 3rd & Lindsley. Listen up! An ultra talented Blue Devil is a member of the  band’s roster.

3. McHugh’s wedding in Athens, GA and while there visiting my bestie Darren Pierre. Super blessed to have both men in my life. Proud of them both for different reasons. Ready for a southern, fratty wedding! Still have to find a dress ;).

That’s all for now. Enjoy the last few moments of September.

Later y’all.


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