On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.

pain-new to be born

Today is Friday. I know, I know.

To be honest, I just want to shut my office door, curl into a ball, and cry.

The tragedy in CT has broken my heart. Violence against children is just the worst of the worst. So innocent and so undeserving.

I ask you all to pray the hardest you’ve ever prayed. We have to find some peace within ourselves and in this world. I am sorry for the families who have to suffer loss. I am sorry that the holiday season will never be the same. I am sorry that the parents couldn’t be there to be the protective parents they are to save their children from this unnecessay end. I pray for all that are involved in this tragedy.

I don’t have strongly developed political views about gun control (I’ve never even shot a gun) but I do know that it is harder to kill people when you don’t have access to guns. A gun alone is not a problem; a gun in the wrong hands is a problem. We’ve got to do better to keep guns out of the wrong hands. We’ve got to do better in finding a level of peace that does not lead to guns having to be used to injure and kill others. I don’t have answers for that but people way smarter than me have figured out some pretty large problems in this world and I think they need to get in a room and hash this out immediately.

School used to be a safe haven. Parents could send their kids to school and their child would receive an education, meals, encouragement and intentional from a teacher, and hopefully friendship. All of this leading towards an holistic developmental experience. Now, parents are probably scared out of their minds to send their children anywhere. Not only is school a volatile place but so is church, the movie theater, the mall, and almost anywhere else you can think of. There aren’t anymore “safe places” or “safe parts of town”.

So, what do we do?

We pray. We call on God to lay his hands on the people of Newtown, CT. We pray that He surrounds them with all of the love and support they need from this day forward. We pray that this does not harden their hearts or make them question their faith. We pray that the Lord leads them away from anger and retribution but towards peace, resolution, and forgiveness. We pray that they understand that their earth angels are now heavenly angels and will be waiting for them when that day comes. We pray. We go home, call, Skype, or FaceTime, and we tell our family and friends that we love them and if possible give them the biggest hug EVER. We engage ourselves in conversations with others about how to make this world a better place and we engage in self reflection to make sure that we are being the best version of ourselves.

What am I thankful for?

– My Faith.

-My family.

– My true friends.

-The life God has given me. The grace he has bestowed upon me though I fail him everyday.

I just keep reflecting on the Bible verse above, Isaiah 66:9. Pain is not without purpose. I know it is hard not to question God in moments like these but I believe in His word.

Later y’all.

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