Nashville 4 Free

Confession: I’ve been feeling a little blah lately. I’m good at not falling prey to everyone’s highlight reel but I can’t help but wonder if certain things will happen for me in my life or if I’ll ever understand how to make those things happen. I know that I live a blessed life but we all wonder sometimes, don’t we?

Post dinner Friday night, I came home and blogged. I fell asleep with intentions of doing absolutely nothing the entire weekend. When I feel this way, I hibernate. However, I guess God had a different plan because I popped up at 7am on Saturday morning. After as much defiant laying as I could muster I ventured to the gym and then because it was such a beautiful day I made my may to the pool while reading my new book club selection, Wife 22.

I decided to go through my email and I found the world famous “Work Life Balance” sent out by one of my colleagues. It pretty much chronicles all Nashville happenings. Basically, if you want to know what to do in the city then you should get on this distribution list. I wasn’t in the mood to spend money so I scanned through and thought, “What could I do for free?” This got me thinking about possibly adding a feature to the blog called “Nashville 4 Free”. I don’t have buckets of disposable income so being able to do things for free or at a very minimum cost is super important. Luckily, I live in Nashville and there are actually free things going on all the time especially during the summer. I made a plan and then got myself ready for my “free” day. If I’m going to get out of this funk then I’ve got to be active and not be a sloth.

Day 1

Musicians’ Corner in Centennial Park featuring Westbound Rangers, Striking Matches, Skyline Hotel, Jess Bostic, and a couple other artists on the acoustic stage. On Saturdays from 2-5pm for the rest of June you can hear FREE music in the park. All I needed was a lawn chair (sit under one of the big shady trees) and I took my Baggu filled with other desirable items like a bottle of water, blanket, and sunscreen. Food trucks, a beer garden, and music are all a part of this event. I’d never heard of any of the musical acts before but left a huge fan of Westbound Rangers and Striking Matches. I also enjoyed the blueberry and lemonade shaved ice from Blue Monkey Shaved Ice that I indulged in for a hot weather treat. So many people and so many cute dogs. Centennial Park is beautiful and you can take a look at the lovely Parthenon and feed the ducks while you’re there. Planning on going back next Saturday to see Ben Sollee, Mat Giraud, and Humming House. Cost:$4.00

Belcourt Theatre Saturday Outdoor Cinema: Batman at Sunset
Now, this was a bit of a disappointment simply because the ’89 version was advertised but they ended up showing the original Batman, like black and white with super racist attitudes towards Asians and Asian Americans. Some of the dialogue actually led to people making audible comments of discomfort. However, I’m sure when you show up and see the movie you expect to see then it has the potential of being a grand time. Food trucks (a staple of any event), beautiful weather, a free movie, and once again all you need is a chair or blanket (you’re sitting on gravel so I would bring a chair). I would also bring a cardigan in case of chill. Cost: $0.00

I’m excited to continue this adventure. It just made me think about all of the money I spend on fun when I have the great fortune to live in a city that creates affordable options for folks like me.

Oh, and I took this really good selfie. Cost: PRICELESS


What can you do in your city for free?

Later Y’all

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