State of Affairs

So, I haven’t blogged since July 6th.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk and I have not felt like “Krystal” these days. I figured I needed to calm down a few things in my world including blogging. I enjoy this experience and have had a huge amount of fun sharing my adventures with y’all. Blogging is a personal investment and I’d like to share the genuine state of my life with you all. Obviously, it is harder to share when you’re not sure you like who you are at the moment.

Don’t worry, I haven’t kicked a puppy or slashed anyone’s tires. I’ve just done, thought, and said a few things that aren’t truly reflective of who I think I am as a person. Perhaps, I’m wrong and I actually am that person. If that’s the case then I need to do some work to accept my new reality.

Life is still happening but I’ve chosen to step back from a few things as I’ve conducted my Summer 2013 Life Audit. I’ve disconnected with some people and activities that are starting to feel like burdens. I’m still in the process of examining a few other involvements to determine whether or not I should continue in my role.

I’m looking for my happy and what I thought was making me happy when I moved to Nashville in 2011 is now exhausting. What I value has now reached a critical point and is actually starting to become detrimental.

Okay, so there you go. Don’t worry–I’m working everyday, still hanging out with friends, going to concerts (waiting for Luke Bryan tickets as I type), serving as a residential tourist of Nashville, and my outfits are getting better and better including this $11.00 skirt I’m currently rocking from Target. I’ll catch you up on specifics when I feel more like sharing.

Thanks for reading.

Mwah & Squeeze


One thought on “State of Affairs

  1. jberry31 says:

    thx for keeping it real. and trust i’ve been there, and am going through the same myself. keep your head up!!

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