Walk This Way

We all know that walking is good for you.
We all know that fresh air is good for you.
We all know that feeling positive about where you are is good for you.

I’ve decided to combine those three “good” things into a new little week long project (low commitment). I’m taking a walk. You’re more than welcome to join me if you’d like :).

I used to walk my previous campus all the time.

I would take stress relief breaks for bin candy (gummy strawberries). I would wander to see my friends in other offices. I was a regular at the library, a frequent visitor to the Gardens and on The Plaza. I would become a part of the campus shuffle. Along the way I would greet students I knew, meet their friends, check out the tabling rush, and take in the amazing scenery. Those walks revived me and reminded me of why I loved my career and my surroundings.

I don’t do that at my current institution. I rarely walk around and I have no idea where anything is located. Today I took my first of, what I hope to be, many walks. I took notes on my phone on a bench a place I have never entered. I saw one student I kinda know and we gave a halfhearted hello. I was offered a ride by one of the nice facilities men who about gave me a heart attack on the path. I said “bless you” to a sneezing student who was very grateful and I told a woman how nice she looked today. She responded with a shocked, “Me? You are too sweet!” A Jewish couple promoting Sukkhot made me smile. She with a baby strapped to her as she smiled and complimented my outfit. I ran into two colleagues and during our chat I was made aware of a scheduling conflict in my ever bustling life after work.

Don’t get me wrong–I have fallen in love with many of the people that I’ve met. I’m really starting to enjoy my new role. However, outside of my fishbowl of an office, I still feel disconnected. I don’t like feeling like a stranger at a place where I spend 40+ hours per week.

step outside

So, I’ve decided to walk. On every walk I will take a picture of a campus artifact. Walking helped me get my first home into my blood. It helped me absorb the energy of the campus community. I was highly aware of campus events and what students were buzzing about on campus. The campus is the students’ home and by immersing myself in it, even for just 15 minutes, I become a part of it.

Bonus points that the weather is gorgeous and campus is beautiful. I also get some exercise and have the chance to take a few deep breaths. #decreasestress #increasehealth

Bonus Bonus points for actually taking TWO walks today and using the second to chat with one of my best friends. There’s nothing like a great friend chat to put it all into perspective. It did the heart good.

After one day, I have come to the conclusion that this walking thing just has to be an all around positive situation. Right?

I’ll keep you posted.

Lata Y’all.

P.S.–I’m not like the Post Office. There will not be any walking in rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

So, what do you think?

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