My Best Self

Recently, I was asked the question, “When are you at your best self?”

I tend not to know that I was my “best self” until the moment has long passed or I receive feedback from others that I brought my “A” game.

After thinking for a bit I responded with the first context that popped into my head. I’m at my best when I’m on a stage and I’m given free reign to express myself. Note: I don’t actually have to be on a stage or elevated surface, but in front of people and communicating a message. I mean, good lighting doesn’t hurt ;).

I have pondered this question since that interaction and have since decided that I’m also at my best self in the following situations:

1. When I’m giving back to others.
2. When I have made a list and I attack it item by item.
3. When I’ve had the ability to plan/reflect/prepare before a meeting or conversation. I’m the girl who had to study prior to going to study group.
4. When I have a peaceful morning routine that includes fitness, God, and breakfast.
5. When I’m in a place that allows me to flame “Krystal”. I have a big personality and she needs room to frolic. My laugh alone causes some people hearing issues.

focus on the good

There is a point to figuring out the answer to this inquiry. 1. If you know when you’re at your best then you can work to put yourself into that space on a regular basis. Who doesn’t want to be be their best as much as possible? 2. This is a great foundation for an interview question. When people ask your strengths/weaknesses or your preferred working environment then you can go back to this question and deduce answers for your response. 3. Self-promotion is super important and women have been shown to struggle with tooting their own horn in the workplace. It is important to be able to communicate your best moments and show the products of those moments to others who can help you get to another level in your career. 4. Usually your self-defined “best self” helps you understand what you value and I’m all about living from your values.

We should all work to be our best self and things that we spend time on in our lives should only contribute to that goal. These 6 things are from my perspective and it might be interesting to ask someone else when they feel you are at your best. Feedback is love.

Take some time this week and think about your answer(s) to this question. Write them down and work to integrate opportunities into your day that allow you to shine.

Later y’all.

So, what do you think?

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