Ready to Run

I just completed my third year at my current job. LinkedIn confirmed it for me. I stayed at my last job for four years…one year too long. I was at my undergrad for four years, grad school for two years, and the first 18 years of my life were spent in one place, my hometown. However, four of those years were high school, three middle school, four elementary school, and two primary school.

I was dying to get out of my first job by year three. Couldn’t wait to blow that Popsicle stand called high school by year 3.5, and was bursting for the next step after college. Three is my edge and by year four I have jumped off the cliff.

Eek! Am I a runner?

This pattern explains why I’ve been getting the itch lately. The itch to explore, the itch to roam, the itch to pack my bags and head off into the sunset with my diplomas and dresses in tow. Suddenly, Ready to Run by the Dixie Chicks, enters my head. Oh, btw I LOVE them and don’t care one poop what they said about GWB. #merica that!

My coworker gave me a book about finding my way and I think it was just one more sign that I’ve got to take some time to explore that next step.

My dream: An office of my very own where I am able to read, write, develop, create, counsel, and teach. Self-directed creative freedom. Ample time to be in my educator sweet spot. Speaking to people and sharing lessons. Travel to new cities. Consistent blogging. Perhaps writing a book and/or guest columns. No extraneous bullshit! Either, I’d work for myself or work at an institution ( I still love college) with a supervisor that gets me and let’s me run with scissors. Student and professional development. All these things give me life.

This is what I dream about and now I have to make it happen. I am certainly going to have to make some trade offs in order to do so.

I also need to pray.

I didn’t ever want to be seen as a runner or a quitter but at this point. As I bump into year four, I am starting to think that might be the best thing for me. Perhaps by running away, I will find another place where I belong.


Maybe I have this all wrong and this Year Four has started to ask questions that I can’t answer. Should I buy a house? Where’s Mr. Right? When are you going to start acting like an adult?

If I could answer those then I might not want to run.


I’m just overreacting and will be fine by Friday.

Fingers crossed.


I know that God is going to make all these mountains move and I will be more than pleased, if not immediately then certainly in the future, with what He reveals.

Until then, I’m exploring and keeping my running shoes ready for when He tells me to move.

Later Y’all!

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