So, I did pretty decent with my May-June goals. I didn’t make it to the zoo or make my recipes. My Peculiar Pearl goals struggled but I did meet with a designer who’s going to do some branding work for me and I secured a blogging spot with mavenly.co for a 3-blog stint. I wasn’t a total slacker.

However, God’s got a fantastic sense of humor and his Day Designer doesn’t sync up with mine. Little did I know that on his goals list for me this month would be an appendectomy. Had some pains on Saturday and was down one organ on the same day.CRAZY!

Ahem! Here’s my new goals list:

#1 REST!


I can’t lift anything over 10lbs and there will be no working out in the next couple of weeks. Now, there will be some reading of the written word,watching of The Netflix, and some writing here and there because that’s what rest looks like for me. I’ll be sitting/laying the whole time–promise!

I guess it was time for some serious forced rest. I thought I’d been doing better in this area of life but joke’s on me friends.

All of this is for a reason and this time of rest if preparing for something else. As per usual, I’m sure I’ll learn a great deal of lessons from God’s detours.


So, what do you think?

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