Ta Ta For Now

visit yourself

It’s been quite a lengthy break in posts. I got too busy living life and didn’t take much time to write about it. I’ve done some guest blogs but haven’t devoted any time to the upkeep of PeculiarPearl. It continues to be on my to-do list and I carry a nagging guilt that I haven’t posted in months. However, I’m letting go of that dark cloud and just admitting that there isn’t a percentage of Krystal available to write at this time.

Follow me over on Instagram @krystalnclark . I still post over there on a daily basis and often contribute what Hilary Rushford calls Instablogs.

I have promised myself that I will begin stepping back from a few things in November to make more room for larger priorities. Certainly, I will blog again but for now, PeculiarPearl needs to focus elsewhere. Visiting myself sounds like a great idea.

See you over on Instagram!


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