What’s Your Brand? Part 2

Imagine the meeting is happening…

What’s going on in the meeting?

– Were you on time?
– How are you dressed? Smell good?
– Are you making eye contact?
– Did you smile?
– Was your handshake firm?
– Take note of your speech patterns. Do you sound confident? Are you using a lot of vocal pauses? Are you enthusiastic or are the other person’s eyes glazing over? What about your use of gestures?
– How do you behave while another person is speaking? Do you give them your attention or are you busy thinking about your next points?
– Do you pick up on social cues that denote that you’ve been talking for too long or that what you’re saying isn’t interesting? Perhaps you can observe if you’ve just made someone uncomfortable?
– Are you prepared? Are you taking notes appropriately? Did you come with an apparent agenda for the meeting even if it’s in your head?
– If there was a presentation involved, did you use your best public speaking skills? How about your inclusion of technology? Did it go smoothly?
– Do you have a business card?
– Make sure your phone is turned off.
– Can you answer questions posed to you about the topic at hand?
– If necessary, are action items in place prior to departing from the meeting? Did you provide a means of follow up?

You have to bring your confidence to the room. People want those that believe in who they are and their abilities. You got this!

You have to bring your confidence to the room. People want those that believe in who they are and their abilities. You got this!

This is all a part of your Presence. When someone meets you, what do they get? Are you polished, poised, and professional or are you a bit of a mess? Do you come off in person in a way that gets across your desired self message? Fit is important and the in-person meeting gives someone the opportunity to figure out whether or not you will fit the current/desired culture of the organization. Is your presence in alignment with your Pre-Presence?

Some would tell you to do lots of research in order to make yourself fit within the norms of an organization. That might be good advice but I would caution you to not force yourself into an uncomfortable box. I knew that if I ever desired a retail job, I could never work at Urban Outfitters,Abercrombie & Fitch, or Hot Topic but I could work at J.Crew, The Gap, or Banana Republic. Those places naturally fit me and my personal brand.

Presence is the strongest component of your brand. This is when you get to connect and live your brand out loud. What does your Presence say about you? Understand that what you bring to that room will also have lingering effects and might be dissected by others especially if this was an interview. Mock interviews are a smart way to practice and always rehearse your presentations in front of other people for honest feedback.

There are students who show up in my office that are well dressed, polite, enthusiastic, prepared, and ready to engage in a great discussion. They have an action plan for our meeting, relevant questions, and action items. They give us time to meet and don’t rush away after 10 mins of blabbering. Then there are the students who haven’t showered,are ill prepared, obviously don’t feel that this meeting is worth their attention, and don’t really have a lot of time to chat despite their intent of asking me for my time to help them or their student organization. Which of those students do you think I keep in mind for special events and when it is time to recommend people for awards? Which of those students do you think I’m willing to go above and beyond to support in achieving their goals?

Who are you when you're at your best? Figure that out and live that because it is your brand. It is your Presence.

Who are you when you’re at your best? Figure that out and live that because it is your brand. It is your Presence.

The way you show up in a space is beyond important. Present your best self and reap the rewards.

What’s Your Brand? Part 1


Perception matters. For all of those people out there not caring about what others think of them, just know that finding a job,obtaining a promotion, getting involved in community efforts, and just basic existing in life, might prove quite difficult. A brand strategist, Jami Dunham, stated in a recent presentation, “You have a brand whether by design or default.” Wouldn’t you rather be at the helm of the conversation?


I had the privilege of spending time with a professor who broke down everyone’s brand in three parts: Pre-Presence, Presence, and Post Presence.

Pre-Presence: Before I meet you
Presence: The meeting
Post- Presence: After we meet

What makes up your Pre-Presence? Think of anything that gives people information about you before they meet you.

– Resume (past experiences, school, major, community involvement, and, honors/awards etc.)
– Emails including that pesky signature at the bottom
– Social Media
– Word of Mouth
– References/Letters of Recommendation
– Applications
– Phone conversations

People form a perception about who you are  from all of these items. I can learn a great deal about you in one swift Google search. By the way, have you Googled yourself lately?  I hadn’t Googled myself in a while but as part of s lecture, the person sitting next to me  had to look me up online. Eek! Luckily, I keep it classy and here’s what I thought post exercise:

1. I need to delete any social media accounts that I no longer use. What was the point of “We Heart It”? On the same note, if I use it then I need to keep outlets updated. I can’t keep throwing around my blog link if the last update was 6 months ago.

2. I should create a portfolio with all links associated with me including those for  interviews, writings, photos, presentations–there were things listed that I’d totally forgotten I’d done throughout my career.

3. An updated headshot can really do your profile some good.

4. If there is something I need to warn people about, then I need to be proactive and craft a response to any questions that might pop up in an interview about that image or text.  If you don’t want anyone to know about it, then don’t post it on social media. Ahem, depending on what it is, you might just not want to do it at all.

5. What I devote myself to professionally and in the community are on full display. I want people to see what I do because  that also informs them of what I value. Any potential employer needs to know what you value and vice versa. If those values aren’t in some way congruent, the working relationship won’t be fulfilling.

Perception is important. Fit is critical. Employers begin assessing your fit before you walk in the door.

Tips to Pre-Presence Success
– Get your resume tidied up by a professional or an acquaintance who’s spent a lot of time hiring others. Always keep your resume freshly updated. You never know when an opportunity is going to land in your inbox.

-Are your emails grammatically correct? Did you utilize the power of spell check? Have you found a way to appropriately insert your personality into all correspondence? According to the professor you should erase that “please forgive any typos line” because it makes readers feel as if their email isn’t significant.

-Make sure to return all phone calls in a timely manner and rehearse voicemail messages once or twice before you start rambling on the machine. Also, make sure that your outgoing voicemail message is up to date and appropriate. Personalize your outgoing message and please get rid of that ring back tone. I’m terrible at listening to voicemails and often my mailbox is full. Grr! Not a good pre-presence tactic.

-Letters of recommendation/references are out of your control once you request them so work to make sure that you’re choosing people that can provide the best feedback about you and your skills. For some, the “requirement” of having your current or most recent supervisor as a reference can be bothersome. Be prepared to cover that issue with your potential supervisor and give them a heads up about the  nature of your relationship with that person. Just know that if you don’t list your current or most recent supervisor, it will raise questions for your potential employer.

-Clean up your social media and/or put it on private. I monitor my social media very closely and I make sure that I don’t post anything that would cause people to question my character. My social media engagement has become a large and positive aspect of my brand.

-Word of mouth is still the most powerful determinant of Pre-Presence.  Be cognizant of what you’re putting out in the world because word travels fast. Most people don’t adhere to the list of references submitted by the applicant. Informal means of communication are regularly used to gather feedback on a candidate.

Hmm...think about potential employers as your customers. They talk to each other about you and essentially about your brand. What do you think they're saying about you?

Hmm…think about potential employers as your customers. They talk to each other about you and essentially about your brand. What do you think they’re saying about you?

I strongly encourage you to take some time and tighten up your Pre-Presence. What are the things floating out in the world that can assist others in forming an opinion of your brand? Make sure your Pre-Presence reflects you in a desired manner. First impressions aren’t just made in person. In 2015, my first impression of you is made quickly after a few clicks on your Facebook Page or a scroll through your Twitter feed. Make sure the results are in your favor.

Good Deal.


Long time no see…

Well, let’s just say that life as it often does, got the best of me and my blog fell to the bottom of my priority list. No apologies, just a statement of truth.

I am taking a bit of time to refocus my blog and center it around my current values system.

1. Education
2. Professional Development
3. Community Engagement
4. Faith
5. Personal Development

Fashion and cute little things will no longer be a part of the equation. Music will only be covered in connection with community engagement–I still live in Nashville. I want to concentrate on lessons learned and action steps. What? So what? Now what?

As I’m working on the launch, please follow me over on Tumblr at http://peculiarpearl.tumblr.com/. Follow my daily adventures and my new #100happydays journey.

So…are we cool again? I’ll get back to writing and you’ll get back to reading? Deal! Good Talk!

good deal

Photo Courtesy of http://www.leelacyd.com/.

Chasing Bubbles

I have realized that all areas of my life cannot possess a high level of focus. I mean, I already knew this BUT it still gives me a bit of anxiety when I’m highly proficient in one area and super sucky in another area. My mind and body can only prioritize one area at a time. Those things that easily consume me and put me in a state of flow also make me think that I should be doing that for a living and not mucking my way through my current career path. Hmmm…

While in NY, I helped a friend create a visual representation of the various quadrants of his life. We chatted about overlap and how much of himself he was devoting to each quadrant, whether that level of devotion actually matched his value system, and the consequences and benefits of maintaining his current state of prioritization. Getting to a state of “equilibrium” is a mindset and not an actual thing. “Balance” is a piece of poop that’s been heaped on our heads. We make choices and those choices craft the days of our lives. None of our lives are evenly split amongst all that’s happening in our head and heart. Let’s just accept that and keep it moving. Your “equilibrium” is defined by you and only you know when you’ve reached a satisfactory state. Own it.

What would your graphic look like? Here is mine. Excuse the screenshot.


Vanderbilt, Nashville, Family, Friends, and ME in the middle. I call these bubbles, because like bubbles, they float around (sometimes aimlessly), collide with each other (I have friends that live in Nashville that also work at Vandy), burst each other (crisis at works means no time for friends), and let’s be honest sometimes they just pop! However, bubbles can be fun but also super annoying. They bring joy but really suck if the solution gets into your eye. They also come in different sizes.

My biggest bubble right now is not probably what it should be BUT I’m just looking for some joy and by doing that I’m actually putting myself into the center of things. I’m working really hard not to apologize for this. I’m taking it as a win that I’m at least aware of my priorities and now I just have to continue chasing bubbles. Breathe.

Lata Y’all.

My Best Self

Recently, I was asked the question, “When are you at your best self?”

I tend not to know that I was my “best self” until the moment has long passed or I receive feedback from others that I brought my “A” game.

After thinking for a bit I responded with the first context that popped into my head. I’m at my best when I’m on a stage and I’m given free reign to express myself. Note: I don’t actually have to be on a stage or elevated surface, but in front of people and communicating a message. I mean, good lighting doesn’t hurt ;).

I have pondered this question since that interaction and have since decided that I’m also at my best self in the following situations:

1. When I’m giving back to others.
2. When I have made a list and I attack it item by item.
3. When I’ve had the ability to plan/reflect/prepare before a meeting or conversation. I’m the girl who had to study prior to going to study group.
4. When I have a peaceful morning routine that includes fitness, God, and breakfast.
5. When I’m in a place that allows me to flame “Krystal”. I have a big personality and she needs room to frolic. My laugh alone causes some people hearing issues.

focus on the good

There is a point to figuring out the answer to this inquiry. 1. If you know when you’re at your best then you can work to put yourself into that space on a regular basis. Who doesn’t want to be be their best as much as possible? 2. This is a great foundation for an interview question. When people ask your strengths/weaknesses or your preferred working environment then you can go back to this question and deduce answers for your response. 3. Self-promotion is super important and women have been shown to struggle with tooting their own horn in the workplace. It is important to be able to communicate your best moments and show the products of those moments to others who can help you get to another level in your career. 4. Usually your self-defined “best self” helps you understand what you value and I’m all about living from your values.

We should all work to be our best self and things that we spend time on in our lives should only contribute to that goal. These 6 things are from my perspective and it might be interesting to ask someone else when they feel you are at your best. Feedback is love.

Take some time this week and think about your answer(s) to this question. Write them down and work to integrate opportunities into your day that allow you to shine.

Later y’all.

The Hannah Project

I enjoy getting myself involved in causes throughout the city of Nashville. I’ve been incredibly blessed and I want to pass those blessings on to our less fortunate Nashville community members.

I’ve recently taken a great interest in The Hannah Project. Check out this program at https://www.facebook.com/TheHannahProject.

The Hannah Project was created by Assistant District Attorney Antoinette Welch. ADA Welch also happens to be a former Nashville Police Officer, my sorority sister, and just an all around amazing woman, wife, and mother.

The Hannah Project is a program, now being court ordered, that was started by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office in an effort to educate and help women who are currently involved in prostitution, whether by choice or by force. After completing the one day program, the women can have their case dismissed and receive assistance in having the charge expunged from their record. The program is facilitated by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office (taken from Facebook).

As you all might know, Nashville is a popular site for sex trafficking and Antoinette sees women everyday who have been trafficked into Nashville. These women come to her in a variety of conditions. Overall, many are scared, unhealthy, brutalized, brow beaten, addicted, and unable to see any way out of their current life. This program helps give them resources to help move towards making a difference in their lives.

Imagine this woman being one of your friends, family members, students, classmates, or even you. I know that prostitution isn’t really a topic we’ve covered in conversation but it is a reality and it isn’t a Julia Roberts movie. I have been moved to tears listening to Antoinette tell stories of participants of The Hannah Project.

Prostitution is not always a choice and even when it is a “choice”, we as a community have failed a woman who sees this as her best option to make a living.

Please check out The Hannah Project and “like” the Facebook Page. If this piques your interest, also check out Thistle Farms. If Thistle Farms doesn’t touch your heart then I have serious concerns about you as a human being. I love Thistle Farms products and I know that every ounce of it was made by women seeking a better life. You can’t help but feel the healing that is produced by these delicious smelling items.

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact the founder at antoinettewelch@jis.nashville.org. I’m holding a mini drive right now for feminine hygiene products. If you’re interested in donating, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

The people of Nashville have big hearts. We have to wrap our arms around these women and let them know that there is a different life available to them. “Love heals.”

Things I’ve Got a Big Crush on at the Moment

1. Quadron — Danish duo. Listen and fall in love. My fave songs: LFT, Hey Love, It’s Gonna Get You, Favorite Star, Crush, Befriend, Better Off, Sea Salt…wait, I’m naming the entire album. Just listen to “Avalanche” on Spotify.


2. “Adulting” by Kelly Williams Brown–So, remember the first time you read “Bossypants” by Tina Fey? You burst out laughing in a very quiet B&N and people stared at you so much that you felt it was only right to just buy the book and scurry away before someone called security considering that you’d gotten to the snorting level of your laughter which should really be preserved for private consumption. Okay, I guess that was just me. Well…the same happened with me and this book. Kelly Williams Brown has taken the word “Adult” and turned it into a verb. Being an adult is about how you choose to behave. She’s hilarious in a way that multiple parts of my identity greatly appreciate which means that she’s a bit crass and engages in “REAL TALK”. She gives you some steps to help you with acting as an adult but also makes sure that you know that you’re a grown ass person and you can do what you want. Just know that every choice leads to consequences. She’s got a blog. Read it: http://adultingblog.com/.


3. HuffPostWomen–I “Like” this page on Facebook and receive numerous articles throughout the day that serve as productive distractions (or so I tell myself). Check it out here and let me know your thoughts.

4. The Skimm–So, I’m not a big TV news watcher (I stand with Ann Curry) and I haven’t picked up a newspaper in ages. I mean, when I’m at home and the Sunday paper comes I still read The Comics, Parade, and The Daily Break. Does that count? No. I get most of my breaking news from the interwebs and as things become more and more complicated in my world and the world around me, I enjoy a cliffs notes version of what’s happening beyond Nashville, TN. I turn to The Skimm.


Now you know and knowing is half the battle. “G.I. Joe, American Hero”–wait, was that too much? Oh, well.

Firefly is my GI Joe name. Don't ask why I have a GI Joe name. We've all had previous lives.

Firefly is my GI Joe name. Don’t ask why I have a GI Joe name. We’ve all had previous lives.

5. ios 7–There, I said it. Come at me, bro! Love the look, the “remind me” feature on my phone, all the camera updates, and iTunes Radio. I mean, I love it because I can still call people (SHOCKER), text people, take pictures, get my email, and keep my calendar in the palm of my hand. I understand this means that I would be happy with the first iPhone ever made. Fine! All of y’all griping about it need to sit down. Talk about manufactured problems. Grr! Do you think Alex G. Bell ever thought this mess would be happening?!

Later Y’all.

I Go Out Walking After Midnight Searching for You

Actually, I don’t go out walking after midnight because I mean, I’m sleeping after midnight and that isn’t really safe. It was just the first song that popped into my mind about walking. I’m also in Nashville so Patsy Cline isn’t really a stretch of the imagination.

I’ve been walking and I’ve quite enjoyed it. Follow me on Instagram (@clarkkn) to see the pics I’ve taken on my adventures #kcwalksvu.

right where you are

Things I’ve Come to Know

1. The campus is freaking gorgeous! I’m obsessed with all the trees. I think that trees are magical. We have a lot of trees, like BOSS trees.
2. Having a student make eye contact, smile and say hello is rare. We’re in the South BUT perhaps I’m not encountering our Southern students on my walks or they are just so bogged down in life that they can’t even be bothered to look up and acknowledge their surroundings. Hmm…
3. On that note, there is nothing like walking around a college campus as an administrator and seeing a student light up when they see you walking around campus. “KRYSTAL, [insert hug] so good to see you, what are you doing over here? How are you? We miss you.”
4. College is stressful for college students. I forgot the haze one enters into right before a test. I stopped into a classroom building prior to a test for a potty break and you could feel the tension as the students lined the walls taking once last glance at their scribbled notes.
5. My favorite thing in college to this day was being a campus Tour Guide. I smile whenever I see a tour on campus. I absolutely loved the experience and can still walk backwards with the best of them :).
6. There are a MILLION things happening on campus every day of the week. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve started putting some things on my calendar because one perk of working at a university, especially a well resourced university, is that there are some pretty incredible programming opportunities for students that staff can take advantage of as well. Also, I can still pass for a student SO I just wander into things and no one seems to mind.
7. Listening to first-year students’ conversations while walking is absolutely painful. Since I’m working to blend into the campus community, I have to fight all urges to a. laugh b. physically harm them with a smack upside the head or a good shake c. throw massive amounts of shade d. lock them in their room until graduation e. stand on a tree stump and scream at them through a microphone or f. call a parent/guardian –I’d also like to start a campaign called “Cover Your Cookie” AKA can you please make sure that the length/tightness of your dress/shorts/leggings does not serve as a way for us to confirm your biological sex? We don’t need to see ALL of that when we’re taking a leisurely stroll across campus.
8. We have a cool Farmers’ Market on Thursdays with delicious hummus. Ahem! Hummus is delicious?! MIND. BLOWN.
9. Students are having civil discourse on campus about important issues. Whoo Hoo!
10. Taking someone on a tour of the place in which you work is a great refresher of how good you have it. A beautiful building, a lovely office, fun people to chat with about my personal and professional life. Randwiches, the ladies that make the Randwiches, Brookies (Brownie Cookies), a ticketmaster downstairs, and a patio right outside my office.

In all, I’m still not sure if this is THE PLACE for me but I’m finding more and more things to like about it. Baby steps! I’ve decided to keep walking because it does give me a wonderful opportunity to exhale and I am learning a great deal about the campus culture. Maybe, I’ll find my place after all. Sigh!

Later Y’all!

Job Perk?!

For Monday and Tuesday my staff and my boss took a little trip to Emory University to meet with their Office of Student Leadership and Service Staff. Site visits are a great way to learn from peers in the field. As bonuses we were able to go to Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta/Decatur/Tucker, GA and there are some really cool people that work at Emory. All in all totally a worthwhile adventure. Learning and having fun while doing so is so the hottest thing on the streets. Get into it!

Here is a little photo journey of our trip:

Leon’s Full Service
Raging Burrito & Taco
Community Pie

Fun times and another kick in the face that we have a lot of work to do. Eek! However, we have great partners at a peer institution who want to help and that’s always a good moment. Relationship building is important and I’m amped to continue learning from Emory and perhaps one day we can teach them something. BTW, Emory is adorable–I neglected to get photos of our lunch location but if you ever get to visit pop over to the restaurant above their museum. Delish! There was also a really cool Farmer’s Market happening in the middle of campus. Confession: I’m a college campus geek.

Later y’all.


I have felt a bit frumpy since I cut off my hair. I thought I wanted a short, cute, and “easy” haircut BUT I was sorely mistaken. I really tried to grow into loving it but the chemistry just wasn’t there this time. When I cut my hair in grad school, I was a different person and that version of Krystal rocked the short look with absolute confidence. It might have helped that I was also a few pounds lighter. After growing weary of looking at myself in the morning and of threatening to become a legit hermit instead of taking the time to do my hair in order to face the plethora of social outings that creep onto my calendar (not bragging, just telling the truth) I made the decision to invest in my hair by purchasing more hair. I ventured back into the world of braids after quite the hiatus (sophomore year of high school). I needed something easy, flexible, and since it is the summer something that would make it possible for me to actually enjoy the pool and not run screaming from water like I’m Gizmo, the Gremlin.

Now, I’m not a woman that has accepted the act of “going natural”. It still makes me a bit anxious, although I know that the concoction used to “relax” my hair is actually stressful and is doing nothing but damaging my hair and my scalp. Watch Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” to learn more about what he calls “the creamy crack”. My real hair is currently quite unhealthy and the braids are providing it with a nice all expenses paid summer vacation.

I have micro braids and they took 11 hours. I used 3 bags of human hair 1B silky straight. Sometimes there were three women braiding my hair at one time. It hurt and I was exhausted by the end of my session but it was so worth it because these last few weeks have been absolute heaven. My prep time in the morning has been decreased by 30 minutes. I can do things with my hair that I could not do before–I actually went to the pool twice this weekend without hesitation. I can go to the gym without worrying about whether I’m going to have enough time to do my hair before I go to work. New hair also makes your clothes look new. I haven’t shopped because with the hair all my ensembles seem to have a fresh edge. I am actually unrecognizable to some people as my friends totally looked past me at church. I had to smile and wave for them to even know it was me.

I have been asked the following questions:
1. How long did that take? (11 hours) How did you sit there for that long? ( I read, slept, watched a couple lifetime movies, and had some conversations.)
2. Did your mom do your hair? (Uh, no. What?! I went to an African Hair Braiding Salon)
3. Wait, how did your hair grow that fast? (Really? I’m not a Chia Pet–it’s fake! )
4. Did your scalp bleed? (No, but it was sore.)
5. How long can your hair stay like that? (3-4 months)
6. Could I do that to my hair? (the answer depends on who asks the question)
7. Can I touch your hair? (Grr…I am not an animal at a petting zoo.)

Can someone please tell me the deal with wanting to touch African/African American hair?

All in all, I’ve had a great reception even from people who I never thought would compliment my mane. Hair is political and can lead to incredibly heated conversations. There are people who do not believe that my hair is professional, there are people who think that every woman should wear their natural hair texture and don’t understand why women still chemically straighten their hair, there are women who are horrified at the thought of wearing their kinky/curly all natural hair, there are people who still believe in the notion of “good hair”, and there are people who purchase hair and choose their own adventure without hesitation. Hair can be a topic that serves as a catalyst for larger race based conversations. I spoke with my 1st year hall mates a lot in college about the differences in our hair and I got a great laugh out of my suite mate who used my hair products (after being told not to) and the disastrous results. This building block led to deeper issues about race on our campus and even though sometimes those encounters can be exhausting they are often needed.

Funny how the grass is always greener on the other side. My white girlfriends always say “If I had your hair, I would wear an afro.” Meanwhile, tons of African American women are in the hair salon forcing their hair to be stick straight. The cultural norms that society has defined pushes people towards one end of the continuum or the other. I must confess that I was a bit worried about what “the bosses” would think of my hair. I work at a pretty conservative, private, and privileged institution in the south. I know the students will love it because they are cool like that, but I was a bit worried about some of my superiors. To my delight, I haven’t had any issues. In fact, they really like it.

I haven’t worn weave since my first year of college when I realized that my then boyfriend had never really seen what I looked like because I’d been wearing fake hair since we met each other. I was proud of myself for wearing my real hair and I was good with that until it started breaking off and there were crazy split ins, heat damage, and at home relaxers gone bad. I needed to not care so much anymore and braids were the answer to my prayer.

I must say that I feel more attractive. I feel more confident. I’m not worried about my hair all times of the day or night. I know that appearance certainly isn’t everything, but we’ve got to be realistic in understanding the role it plays in our everyday existence. My new hair has brought a new energy to my everyday that I desperately need right now.

Hair can be changed so easily. I have a friend whose hair is a different color every time I see her. I have another friend who loves wigs and switches them up depending on her mood. I also have a friend whose hair has been the exact same for over 15 years. Hair is so personal and since I don’t subscribe to the traditional professional way of dress for work–I don’t do oppressive business suits. I work with 18-22 year olds. My goal is to look classy, be comfortable, approachable, and perhaps have their parents think that I’m not a sophomore in college while adhering to my style. I also need to act on the same philosophy with my hair.

Tell me about your hair journey. Any fun adventures?

Check out my Me, In Real Life page to see various photos of my glorious mane of hair throughout the past few years of my life.

Later Y’all.