Summer is Here!!!

Hey Y’all,

I’ve been quite a bum on this fine Memorial Day. My actions have been the total antithesis of the men and women for whom we celebrate on this special day. I’m the proud daughter, sister, and cousin of men who have served our country in the United States Army and the United States Air Force. I respect them greatly for their courage and sacrifice. I don’t have a relationship with my father but I will always be in awe that he served in the Vietnam War and in the Gulf War. My heart grows for him when I take that into account. I know that he’s seen a lot and done a lot to ensure that I’m able to live my life of freedom. For that, I am eternally grateful. We’ll work it out one day. I know God will see to that.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of SUMMER! She has officially arrived.


I made a list earlier in May of all the things I want to do this summer. Ahem! Drumroll please:

1. Drag Brunch at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum
2. The Zoo
3. Cheekwood
4. Belle Meade Plantation
5. The Peach Truck
6. Oz
7. Grand Ole Opry
8. Movie at Elmington Park
9. Full Moon Pickin’ Party–might become a fall activity?
10. Concert: Woods at Fontanel
11. 12th & Broad Events
12. Musician’s Corner
13. Movies at the Schermerhorn
14. Belcourt to see Belle
15. Visit to the Farmer’s Market
16. Intense sits on rooftops and patios
17. Johnny Cash Museum
18. POOL! –Already had 2 days in a row :).
19. Apparently, we have an arena football team?!

So far, so good. I’m excited to work my way through these items. I’m sure more will be added to the list as I catch up on the happenings of Nashville. I’ll also be taking trips to VA, GA, TX, and FL. Strong maybe on DE and later in the summer I’ll be off to WA.

As for music, I’ll see Katy Perry in June and Beyonce/Jay-Z in July. There are some others shows I’d like to add to this list including Sara Bareilles and JOHNNYSWIM.


I do love the summer. It is a time to replenish. My skin looks great and my smile is bigger. People and time are more flexible. You get to see folks you haven’t seen in ages and the margaritas and my never ending collection of dresses are flowing.

I made a lot of mistakes last summer and did things that took a huge detour from my instincts. I’ve been paying for those mistakes ever since. It is now time for me to “let it go” and keep it moving. Pray for me in that endeavor. Forgiveness is hard, but it is what is commanded of me by my God.


Cheers to the summer!

Later Y’all.

Local Levo & House of Stella

Levo Ladies Take Over House of Stella

Check out the following:
1. Levo League
2. Local Levo in your hood
3. House of Stella in Nashville, TN.

Instagram & Twitter: houseofstella

Addresses: Cool Springs 1709 Galleria Blvd., Suite 1007 (In the Cool Springs Target Shopping Center)
Franklin, TN 37067 ~ map

Nashville 1025 8th Ave. S
Nashville, TN 37203

Lovely mother/daughter duo. Enjoyed hearing their story and learning good tips for starting a business. They are women’s women and want to be helpful to entrepreneurs.

house of stella

Can’t wait to wear my new items or use my free infuser.

Support women owned businesses!

Later Y’all.

Let the adventures begin!

In my previous blog, “Why Don’t I do that Anymore?” I listed that I wanted to go back to scouring the Internets for free adventures in Nashville. This is one reason that I adore this city. One can have lots of fun for a low cost.

After many attempts, the last resulting in a car fiasco, I made it to The Frist to see ’30 Americans’ and the Norman Rockwell exhibit. I’m still reeling from the art I had the privilege to view in Nashville.

Another bonus: I invited a long a new Nashville friend. Gotta love a good friend date.

Back to the art: ’30 Americans’ is thought provoking and that is an understatement. Regardless of what you might think, we don’t live in a Post Racial Society. That is, well, BS! Race matters and even though conversations about race are never easy, they are necessary. This exhibit is composed of 70 pieces of art by African American artists. These works of art explore the intersections of race, pop culture, gender, sexuality, class, and the impact those markers have on your identity.

I’ve spent a lot of my life discussing race and I don’t possess the privilege of not thinking about race. I don’t believe in color blindness. I know that my race has had an impact on the outcomes of my life whether good or bad. I want you to see my color and understand the oppression and the privilege that comes with my race. If you bypass that then you’ve missed an entire piece of my lived experience and can never fully know me.


Some of the images are so startling and can almost bring you to tears. The sudden intake of breath as you round the corner to see a circle of Ku Klux Klan hoods sitting on stools with noose hanging from the ceiling. The unfortunate realization that painting an African American family at home behaving in an everyday manner is abnormal and a scene that most people don’t picture for Black families. The horror at visualizing what consumerism has done to the Black community, especially our Black males. These are not things that I didn’t know but, they are made even more apparent when presented in visual form.


I also loved that The Frist took the time to make the exhibit interactive. Viewers could write their feelings on post-it notes. It was powerful to read people’s first reactions. I really loved when younger viewers were engaged in the conversation. I can imagine that this might have been a catalyst for a parent/guardian to begin having the “race” conversation.

I don’t really know that much about art but I enjoy the process of analyzing it and coming up with my personal meaning. I was recently given the advice to treat a museum like a cocktail party. When you go to a cocktail party, you can’t get to know EVERYONE. The best strategy is to take time to get to know 4-5 people. Do the same at an art museum. Connect with 4-5 pieces and not every work in the gallery. You’ll leave feeling like you learned a whole lot more than if you try to squeeze it all in on one visit.

Check out more information here.

After ’30 Americans’, Norman Rockwell didn’t really grasp my attention until I realized how progressive he was during the Civil Rights Movement. The three works, The Problem We All Live With, Southern Justice, and New Kids in the Neighborhood drew me into the display.

’30 Americans’ leaves Nashville on the 12th and I highly recommend it.

So happy I took this Nashville Adventure. Oh, it was free because I’m a Bank of America customer and select museums are free the first weekend of every month for BOA customers. Kinda cool, right?

Lata y’all!

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I haven’t had the best track record with NYE. In fact, it has been pretty awful until I moved to Nashville. When I was in college, I just chilled at home and waited for my mom to get back from church. I’d watch MTV bring in the New Year in Times Square and long for the day when I could go out and be a cast member in some fancy party with a fancy dress and kiss some fancy man at midnight. Even when I had a boyfriend in college, we never celebrated NYE together except by phone. Le sigh!

I moved to Durham, NC and spent one NYE at a bar party on a solo mission with the hopes of meeting new friends in town. That was kind of a bust but I was proud of myself for going in the first place. I spent another year at a fun dance party with good friends and even though I was surrounded by people, great music, and a money drop at midnight, I still felt quite alone. I don’t even remember what I did the other NYE’s I celebrated in NC. Must have been awful :(.

My first NYE in Nashville, my friend Erin was in town and we went to a My So-Called Band (90’s cover band) concert along with 2 of my Nashville friends, Tracy and Jenn. We also ate at a restaurant and had an experience that warranted us getting a free dinner from them a few weeks later. I had a blast! Mainly because I didn’t feel lonely and I was surrounded by music. My second NYE I spent at a house party with great people, fun music, a stacked bar, and it was pretty good. If you can, a house party is certainly the way to go. This year, to bring in 2014, I am going back to the My So-Called Band Concert because well, it beats anything else I’ve done thus far. It’s economical, predictably fun, and I’ll be with at least 2 people that I know and really like. I’ll also get to meet some new people and that never hurts. I won’t get a kiss at Midnight BUT for some reason the universe has decided that I’m not destined for NYE kisses. Deep sigh. I just hope that when I get my kisses, the kisses only meant for me, that they are AMAZING! The universe has some making up to do. Hmph!This is your year

Oh, well. I’m going to make myself look my most beautiful, be open to a fun time, and sing till my voice fails at the show. My goal for 2014 is to live my life out loud and in color so I’m guessing a concert is probably the best way to go.

I wonder if like every other holiday, we hype it up so much that it becomes stressful? Are we doing the right cool thing? What is the right cool thing? Do we have the best dress? We have to spend a crapton of money, right? Then make a resolution to get out of debt :/. We are blessed to celebrate a New Year and nothing should be stressful about that, right? Does it really matter what you do from 9pm-Midnight on the 31st or is it more important what you do on January 1 with this “fresh start”?

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?