The Drive.

I don’t mind my commute. When I tell people where I live the response is usually something like “wow, that’s a drive isn’t it?” or “you’ll probably move closer eventually, right?” or “I mean, if I were you I would have just spent the extra money and lived closer downtown.” 

I lived practically across the street from my previous job. Seriously, I could have walked to work everyday in a matter of 15 minutes—probably the equivalent to a mile. I actually did walk to work for a month prior to my first car purchase (Zoom Zoom). I NEVER really left work. No matter where I went including the Local Yogurt, NOSH, and especially the gym I would see students. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE students but when I’m on the elliptical machine I would like to not be asked questions about recruitment :. That flabbergasted look that students give you in The Whole Foods was starting to wear on me (“OMG, Krystal what are you doing here? It is so weird seeing you out in public.” in response “I mean, I eat too.”) I’m a real girl! <—said in the voice of Pinocchio. 

I promised myself to do things differently this time around. I chose to live farther away simply because when I leave my office I want to go away. My journey to find hmm…I don’t really like the concept of balance…well, I really just wanted a life outside of work, led me to live about 20 minutes away from my office and to be honest it was a terrific decision. 

My commute has become the calm before the storm, a time of reflection, a concert (I serve as the headlining performer and cover hits spanning Beyonce to Hillsong), and often a prime time to catch up with friends on my nifty iPhone. I exhale all of it out when I sit in the driver’s seat after a long day and I hype myself up in the morning for the day ahead. It has also helped me discover new Nashville spots and taken me down adventurous paths as I seek to avoid the Interstate at all costs. 

The distance from my office has given me the ability to distance myself from my work. My work has always been my identity and consequently became my home. I now believe that this is unhealthy and certainly not a true representation of all that I am. 

I use that time to my advantage and don’t get all frustrated because I have to spend a bit more time in my car. I’ve chosen joy in my commute. I’ve chosen to go my own way and I’m totally okay with that :). 

So, what do you think?

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