Sic Semper Tyrannis…

Virginia is for lovers and it certainly is for me. 

I love the great Commonwealth of Virginia and am overly excited to spend Christmas with my family in Portsmouth. 

I now fly in instead of drive in but I’ll still be sending that gorgeous red Cardinal (our state bird) a kiss when I land at the Norfolk airport. 

My plans include: 

1. Mama Chan’s Chinese Food Restaurant

2. New First Baptist Church Taylorsville 

3. Lots of TV watching with mom (she is her chair and me in my love seat) 

4. Watching the Blind Side as I do EVERYTIME I go home! 

5. Movies with Auntie Brenda —what shall we see this time? 

And…that’s about all folks. The holidays are for respite, being with the family, and most of all celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! 

Contrary to popular belief you can go home again. My home brings me back down to who I really am and it forces me to stop and reflect on all that is happening at work and in my personal life. My breathing changes when I enter Virginia and I finally exhale. 

So, what do you think?

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