Proverbs 31:25

What happened to her? 

As I was at home with my mother over holiday break we spent time watching lots of TV and mainly, due to my mother’s new retired status and the availability of more time that she can use to stay current on pop culture, a lot of reality TV. 

When did VH1 become the pinnacle of female drama? “Hell on Heels” is their new marketing campaign and it includes Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, MobWives, Love & Hip Hop, and some show about MTV VJ and actual basketball wife La La Vasquez. 

When we flipped over to BRAVO there was inevitably a marathon of “Housewives” shows on the channel and lo and behold the Kardashians had taken over E! 

Bad Girls Club is one of the most popular shows on Oxygen and who knows what other shows are out there capitalizing on mean girl behavior?

She is clothed in Herve Leger and Christian Louboutin and she laughs in the face of the woman in which she just threw a drink. This is a little far left of Proverbs 31:25. 

What is going on? There are grown women on TV physically beating each other and calling women out of their names. They blatantly cheat on their partners, and all they seem to talk about is money. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve watched all of these shows but I promise that there are always those moments when I go why am I watching this crap? This is ridiculous! 

My Little Sister is not allowed to watch Bad Girls Club in her grandma’s house. She thought that rule would change once she visited my home but she was provided with a rude awakening when I informed her that I supported her Grandma’s decision. She’s 15! There is enough of that behavior in front of her everyday. She doesn’t need any new ideas. 

Where are our values? Do we have any integrity? What example are we setting for our daughters, nieces, sisters, and other female relatives. Another important question is, how does this influence the way we are treated by men? Because, to be honest, if I was watching one of these show there isn’t any way in the world I could take a woman seriously or give her my ultimate level of respect. 

People are making millions off of girl-on-girl sabotage and in the process women are losing a priceless amount of moral capital. 

We know the double standard exists for men and women. Not saying its right but I’m saying its real. 

Don’t get me wrong every once in a while on all of these shows you will see a tender sisterly moment. Like when Kortney gave Khloe great advice about dealing with Scott or when Kortney and Khloe told Kim to go to Minnesota to see her husband (the fact that they had to tell her that should have let everyone know that this wasn’t going to be one of the great marriages of our time—or any time for that matter). Perhaps when Emily B and Chrissy chill out on her couch and Emily offers her the extra bedroom in her house should she actually leave Jim “I’m not ready for marriage” Jones. Uh, yeah it was a long break and me and moms watched lots of TV. 

However, usually these women are just verbally and physically attacking each other with little to no remorse. I don’t think strength in Proverbs meant to have the ability to beat people down and I’m more than certain that these shows and the women on them left their dignity at the door a long time ago. These women certainly laugh without fear of the future but not because of their trust in God but because of their reliance on money, a bit of fame, a man, and a fierce wardrobe. 

I guess I just think that we all can do better. As people and as women. I’ve  just decided to  turn it off for a little while and spend more time actually becoming the woman I want to be as opposed to watching those that I hope I never become. 

So, what do you think?

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