GREAT Southern Division of DTD.

Truth. Courage. Faith. Power. 

These are the values of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. 

After spending a weekend with the Great (GREAT) Southern Division of DTD I am more than excited to have Delts arriving to Vanderbilt’s campus in Fall 2012. 

There are many quality men that make up this organization. The men of SELU and UT stole my heart. Southern gentleman at their finest. 

Jim Russell, Executive Vice President of DTD, Lee Grace, President of Southern Division, and Alan Brackett, President of DTD, are incredible examples of what it means to be a True Delt and I can only hope that our future members at Vanderbilt grow into being such gracious, intelligent, kind, stylish, fun, classy, and inspiring men. 

My co-facilitator, Gene P. has been a chapter advisor for 20 years and he is AMAZING! The relationship he has built with the chapter members is admirable and I wish I could bottle it and give it to all of our fraternity volunteers. 

I am still processing the weekend. Lots to think about when it comes to educating our fraternity men. 

First Crucial Point—education is not just for new members;active members still have much to learn. Our chapters need to recognize this and work to create intentional programming to keep with the goal of making men better men. 

Second Crucial Point—inter/national fraternal organizations must partner with Student Affairs professionals to develop and implement curriculum. Like doesn’t have to teach like. Collaboration is key to success. 

Best point of the weekend— “Everyone must find their “extra”. Average is OVER.” Thanks Alan Brackett! 

So, what do you think?

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