I Heart Nashville Nouns

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden is next on my list. 


It is one of the many quirky delicious eateries in East Nashville. 

The service is impeccable. 

The (turkey) burgers are ginormous (totally don’t think that’s a word) and you can get tater tots! The bread they use actually makes the folks at your tables sigh with pure pleasure. 

You can certainly get all the beef you want or you can get a chicken sandwich. Load it up with an array of extras including mushrooms, bacon, and other things that I would never have thought to put on a burger. Luckily,we all have different taste buds and there is something on that list for all of us. 

I just had to jump off the wagon and get a chocolate malt (yummy and so creamy) and if you’d like you could get a shake or ice cream soda. My buddy Jenn had a chocolate shake and was not disappointed. 

I also had a Strongbow because, why not? 

All of this for like $22.00. Say what? Just the burger, tots, and a drink would have costs me like $10.00. Super economical! 

Yes, there was a 40-minute wait but it didn’t feel like it at all and I love the “call your cellphone” service they have to tell you when your table is ready. 

I’ve been to this place twice but I’m super excited to return when the weather is warmer because the beer garden will be in full effect and they’ve done some beautiful landscaping in the outdoor area. 

If you’re ever in Nashville check it out. 

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