I Heart Nashville Nouns

The Ryman Auditorium is legendary. 

Click the link to learn more about all of the fantastic history about “The Mother Church of Country Music”. If you happen to be in town you can get a lovely tour from a docent who might just sing some old country western hits while you are tooling around the backstage area and taking your picture on that storied stage. 

I’ve been blessed to see three shows at Ryman since my move to Nashville in June. 

1. The Script 

2. The Civil Wars w/ The Staves 

3. Mumford & Sons w/ The Apache Relay 

These are listed in the order in which I attended and not in the order in which I love them. That order would be in reverse. 

I’ve never heard better sound in my life. The Civil Wars and Mumford & Sons went acoustic or as Marcus said “without technology”. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. People were afraid to breathe loudly for fear they would miss one sweet note. 

You sit (and bang) on the original church pews that were installed in the building in 1892 when it was built as the Union Gospel Tabernacle to seat those who wanted to hear a charismatic preacher. 

The wood floors call you to stomp with all of your might. My hands are aching from the overzealous clapping that took place throughout the night. 

There isn’t such thing as a “bad seat”. Even those with an “obstructed view” are highly coveted. 

Don’t forget to pick up an historic Hatch Show Print as a reminder of your visit. 

People whoop and holler like they’ve caught the holy spirit. The encore call is a deafening roar. 

Your stranger neighbor becomes your best buddy by the end of the evening while you revel in the fact that you actually got a ticket! 

The place makes Marcus Mumford nervous and Joy and John giddy with delight. 

You sing your soul out loud.  

Every time I’ve been there tears spring to my eyes with the weight of what I’ve just witnessed. 

It is cathartic. You realize that this is the fulfillment of all of those car rides with your favorite CD playing at an incredibly high volume and getting hoarse from singing loudly.

You feel music in the Ryman at a rate that is mind-blowing. There are 2361 folks around you but really you feel like the only person in the room.  Luckily, when you do want to exist in the moment with others there is a broad selection of Nashville Natives and Newbies to share the blessing. 

I have taken moments during the shows and have just closed my eyes. I just want to listen and store the memory for safekeeping in the recesses of my mind. 

Ryman Auditorium is the Cameron Indoor Stadium of concert venues. It don’t get no better! 

Can’t wait for the next show but until then I will just remember the power of Mumford & Sons and thank God that he blessed me to have the best concert experience of my life last night. 

Oh, Nashville. How I love thee. 

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