I’m pretty sure that I am constantly bouncing in between being a Careerist and someone who thinks she has found her Calling. At least I know I’m not in Job mindset. I’m thinking about completing the included PDFs as a form of professional development. The vast majority of the things I love to do I am able to do in my current position but often it is the “other stuff” that I REALLY don’t like that makes me reexamine my current professional situation. Bureaucracy and politics also give me a tick. Pretty sure I will never escape those two things so I have to concentrate on my sphere of influence and keep my position as fresh as I possibly can by intentionally reframing my role on a regular basis.  It is important for me that my professional life continue to be congruent with my personal values. As I grow and change I have to make sure that my personal growth is reflected in my professional growth. 

Job, Career, or Calling?

So, what do you think?

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