The Great Fashion Fast of May

Oopsie on the gap in posting. I’ve been wrapping up the school year and sending the ‘Dores on their way to magical summer destinations.

In a shocking turn of events I have realized that I have too much clothing. Okay, well not shocking at all but humor me.

After an in depth frock review and massive donations I think that I have every piece of clothing I could possible ever need in my closet right now. In order to prove this to myself I have resolved to not shop in the month of May.

“Say what?” Oh, yes I said it. There will not be any shopping in May (at least not from my own bank account). I visit VA in May and sometimes mom enjoys purchasing clothing for me BUT I will not request this favor. That might seem like a cop out but if I tell my mom I’m not shopping she will wonder why and that will be a 2-hour long conversation that I don’t want to have so…as a compromise if I happen to be gifted clothes at home then I will add another day to the fast. Deal? “Back off me, bro?”


1. Spend less money.

2. Appreciate what I have already.

3. Improve my remixing skills.

4. Spend less time thinking about how I look.

5. Accomplish a goal.

Please support me and don’t invite me on random shopping sprees around town especially not at the newly reopened Opry Mills Outlets or the new J.Crew in Cool Springs. No, please don’t do that or I’ll put my fingers in my ears and exclaim, “la la la la la la la.” I will totally do that, promise.

Don’t get it twisted. I’ll still be cute ;).

So, what do you think?

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