I’m “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie’s new album “Blown Away” is well, it is Carrie Underwood. She has stayed quite true to herself and rightfully so because, well, it works. Who doesn’t love Carrie Underwood? I mean, even if you don’t love her, you can’t really hate her because she CAN actually sing. That’s rare these days,my friends. If you don’t think she can sing then you need to find her rendition of “How Great Thou Art”. Then grovel for her forgiveness ;). 

She debuted “Blown Away” at last night’s Billboard Music Awards and “Good Girl” is her first single from the album. Neither of these songs is my favorite. That honor goes to “Good in Goodbye” for personal reasons.  ”Good Girl” is a reissue of “Cowboy Casanova” and “Last Name” from previous efforts and it is certainly a safe first single for Carrie. WIth pipes like hers I don’t think she needs to be safe which is why I’m happy that she went with “Blown Away” for the BBMA. 

Her songs are about the usual country topics including love, death, love after death, death caused by love gone wrong, love of oneself, unsuccessful love, running from love, love of life, and love of where you’re from. So yeah, she’s got every angle of love covered. I’m good with that because she sings it so darn well. 

Surprisingly, she delivers island flavor on “One Way Ticket” as she instructs us to tell our boss to “stick it” and to take the lollipop of life and “lick it”. This song is the country version of “The Motto (YOLO)” by Drake and Lil’ Wayne. The Dixie Chicks would be proud of “Two Limousines” as it is the 2012 version of “Goodbye Earl” but much more haunting and I imagine a dramatic video with lots of black hats and rain. “Blown Away” is a powerful ode to revenge in an Oklahoma town. I do wonder about the back story of this song. She blows the vocals for this track out of the water and shows you why she is the most successful American Idol. 

“Leave Love Alone”, “One Way Ticket”, “See You Again”, and “Do You Think About Me?” are my favorite ride along songs. “DYTAM?” makes me smile the entire time—listen to the song lyrics and you’ll start grinning too. 

I skip over a few of the tracks including “Forever Changed” , “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun”, and “Who Are You?”  Regularly, I will listen to 8 of the songs off the album. 8/14 ain’t bad. 

My hope is that I will score tickets to see her live.  I’m a fan of Underwood—not just her music but her classy self from Oklahoma. I took a break from the awful display of the downfall of the music industry, also known as the Billboard Music Awards, and watched her and her hubby on Oprah’s Chapter 2. I was taken by her grace and humble nature. She’s a believer in Christ and it is evident in how she lives and her relationship with the gorgeous hockey player. Go Preds! 

I’m happy I spent the $9.99 on this album. This is not my favorite Carrie Underwood album but I’m supportive of the effort. 

So, what do you think?

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