What do your voices tell you?

Tonight I had the good fortune of hearing Jon Acuff speak at Brentwood Baptist Church during Kairos. Jon is fantastically real and I knew that he would give me a good word when I ventured 30 minutes to attend service after work. 

He spoke about HATE. As in, Haters Gon’ Hate! According to Acuff there are three types of hate: 

1. External Hate —The outside world hatin’ on you. This type of hate gets loud the minute we do something that matters. The second we buck the status quo you will hear this voice emanating louder than any other. We have a tendency to block compliments and absorb criticism. Jon calls this “Critics Math”—1 Insult + 1,000 Compliments = 1 Insult. Get it? Maybe you need to tell some of these external voices, “I’ll miss you.” Why do we focus on the bad and let people create a hateful environment for us? Read Matthew 10:4. Apparently, Jay-Z ripped off Jesus with “Brush your shoulders off.” 

2. Internal Hate—What do your voices tell you? Nobody has a positive internal voice. Nope, not one person. Not even “that guy” with the two thumbs and an overinflated ego.  This voice is always nagging at us, ” Who are you to do that?” or at the other extreme it is telling us to “Do it perfectly!” and often it is saying, “It’s too late.” First, perfection is a dragon that we can’t slay. “90% perfect and shared can change more lives than 100% perfect and trapped in your head.” This quote by Acuff sums me up about right. Tweet @jonacuff and tell him what the voices are saying in your head. My voices? Well, they say the following: 

– “You are never going to be enough.”

– “You should be doing better.” 

– “You are an imposter and someone is bound to find out.” 

-“You’ll never accomplish that dream.” 

– “Don’t mess up!” 

– “You are unattractive and no man will ever love you. You might as well buy a cat because you are going to be single forever.” 

Aren’t they just peachy? 

3. The last type of hate is hate we generate.

Social Media has inspired an incredible amount of hate generation.  We have the ability to know at every minute of the day what others in the world are doing and more often than not, their life looks significantly better than ours. That comparison leads to hate. Why do we not have that person’s life? Because God didn’t see fit to give us that life. Deal with it. “You make all things work together for my good.” If we are going to sing that then we must believe it. He’s working it out for us all the time and we can’t even comprehend the plan He has for us. Take a knee and let the Man do His job.  Unfortunately, hate has residue and it very rarely stops with the source. It seeps into harmless interactions that are the antithesis of hate. We have to let it roll away or we will be haunted by its memory throughout every aspect of our lives. That isn’t healthy, fair, and it certainly isn’t necessary. It is also not allowing us to trust what God has for us in this world. 

So, what’s the status of hate in your life? Are you allowing it to affect your life? What can you do to “shake the haters off” including yourself? I know I have some work to do especially in areas #2 and #3. 

Tweet: @jonacuff

Blog: http://www.jonacuff.com/blog/

So, what do you think?

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