So, I got rid of all but 10 of my TV channels.

I just called Comcast and asked for the most basic level of cable possible. “Sir, I need the local news just in case a storm is about to hit Nashville.” This caused him to laugh and to issue me bare bones cable. I have ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX (I think) but everything else is quite local and not really what I’ll be watching anytime soon.

Why did I do this?

– I don’t really make time to sit and watch tv anymore. I used to be addicted and planned my life around my “shows”. Now, I would rather be out with friends or reading a book. I get home late and usually have minimal time before I choose to go “night night” ,which is usually at Midnight.

– Cable is expensive. My bill was $95.00. Paying $95.00 for something I don’t watch doesn’t make any sense. It’s like paying a car note for a car you let sit in the garage. What is the point?

– HULU is cheaper and has 95% of the shows I enjoy watching on TV for the low price of $9.99 or maybe, $7.99. Regardless, a whole lot less than $95 smackeroos.

– I took a breather from most reality tv shows because I was actually getting dumber by the second and finding myself way too caught up in other peoples’ drama. I don’t know these people and they certainly don’t know my life. Why was I so involved? CONFESSION: I tune into the Bachelorette every Monday on ABC and chat with a group of fans via Facebook. I know, I know, but give me my two hours of TV vapidity please! Is vapidity a word?

However, I have weened myself off the Kardashians, Real World, RW Challenges, the Housewives from various cities (there is the occassional lapse in judgement on the wknds), and besides a mini Mob Wives and Basketball Wives marathon—I don’t go there on a regular basis either. I admonish myself each time I fall prey to one of these shows.  I know they are bad for me and the world. The Only Way is Essex did replace my depression induced by the loss of The Hills and The City. I still miss LC.

Now, I really don’t watch much on the boob tube. I turn to HULU, grab a few episodes when I’m getting ready in the morning or doing work around the house. I might watch a show while I eat meals and then I’m off into the world again. Not watching Reality TV has given me space to find some great scripted shows, Scandal, Revenge, Parks & Recreation, Modern Family, Smash, 30 Rock, Faily Legal, Suits, Psych, and the Client List. I watch them on my own schedule for a price lower than Cable and DVR. 

I feel good about the move. Let’s see what happens from here.

So, what do you think?

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