The Hills are alive…

It has been a while since I’ve written. Life’s been flying past and  I haven’t taken the time to write about it.

Today, I had an urge. This urge happens every once in a while. I’m not sure what triggers it but when it happens I don’t fight it–I fully indulge and satisfy it as soon as possible.

The urge? To watch The Hills.

I know, call me crazy but that show sticks with me more than almost anything I’ve ever watched in my life. I’ve watched A LOT of TV but I could watch this series from beginning to end on a regular basis without any issue.

Maybe because I watched it during a very formative time (college/graduate school/first job in NC). LC –> Lauren was a constant in my world for years. I mean, I watched Laguna Beach too and thought it was absolute genius.

Maybe because of the fashion. I still take fashion cues from those ladies and I own so much Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s it is ridiculous.

Maybe because I really like Lauren and Whitney. Like, I want to hang out with them. They were young working women trying to figure it all out and I could see that real life was actually happening to them through all the layers of “reality tv”. I mean, when Whitney fell on GMA, I fell with her.

Maybe because it was an escape from my real life and I just wished that one of my weeks was as eventful as one of their 30 minute days. The people on the show entered my home and took me to LA which seemed a lot cooler than Williamsburg, VA, College Park, MD, and Durham, NC. I actually went to LA and looked as hard a possible for Lauren. Instead, I was super satisfied to just be at places that I’d seen on the show. The Grove was a spiritual experience and eating at Toast and Pinkberry changed my life.

Maybe it was the music which ended up on my iPod. Augustana’s “Sunday Best” was on repeat right after the “Lauren chooses Jason over Paris” episode. I hated her decision but I loved that song.

I’m guessing it is a mixture of all of the above.

When the show ended (when Lauren left) a chapter in my life closed too. My go-to was no more.

Oh, well. Watching it or evening having it play in the background transports me to a simpler time and I feel a weird sense of comfort. Never knew a show could linger for such a long time.

Thanks to Hulu for having seasons available and for MTV for hosting retro reruns of the series.

Now back to watching/listening while I finish out the workday.

So, what do you think?

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