Explore Your City: A Tourist in Nashville

My Aunt Brenda came to visit this weekend!

We did a lot and ate even more.

I’ve been in Nashville for a bit over a year and I certainly haven’t explored every inch of it even though I’ve certainly done my part to support the local economy and the expansion of my waistline, wardrobe, musical taste, and mind.

Explore Your City! I love this place even more than I did before. I didn’t think that was possible. Not to toot my own horn but I’m a helluva tour guide. Thanks W&M for the training. I found my new favorite candy store, actually liked a former American Idol contestant’s music, ate at my new fave brunch place, found my inspiration in the form of 90-year old Bill, and took a walk down Main St. in Franklin. That is just a snapshot of the weekend.

Here are some pics from our adventure. My aunt isn’t a picture person so she didn’t make it on that side of the lens.

Later y’all.



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