On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.

So, for some reason Thursday is just über busy. Hence, we have a Thursday post on Saturday. It is what it is and it is never too late to be thankful.

1. Friends that live in drivable distance. I have become a fan of the road trip. My max distance has been 6 hours. My mom is worried about my car. I,of course, am not. Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Knoxville,TN. If you have a couch, I have the Mazda. Tis nice to just get away for the weekend. Breathe new air and think about things (or not) in an entirely new context. I am taking reservations for my company. Looking forward to hearing from you ;).

2. I have a funny mom. We belly laugh together. I laugh until I snort! I call and she knows just how to make me double over in hysterics. She’s a storyteller and I always look forward to the next adventure. My soul always feels better after talking to mama. Crazy how your mama just knows how to make like okay again. How do they do that?

3. I can read. I am thankful for literacy. It still blows my mind that there are people of all ages who cannot partake in the joy and sheer necessity of the written word. I want to help make that better. Perhaps, I will read for Book ‘Em or volunteer as a reading tutor. Reading has played such a critical role in my personal development that I want to give that gift to others.

That’s all for now. Sorry for lacking images. I am actually in Athens,GA for a former student turned friend’s wedding. People like him make me thankful for my career.

Later Y’all!

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