Athens, GA

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Since I’m on a road trip kick it is perfect that I tell you about my weekend in Athens, GA. This is my second adventure to Athens and I must say that there is something incredibly charming about the place. Obviously, it is the home of the University of Georgia and the home of 88 bars in 1 square mile. There is a nice amount of southern charm but also this hipster feel similar to East Nashville. I could pick up some of Athens, stick it in my pocket, and bring it back to Nashville. Normal Bar and The National are so East Nashville and 12South. Athens, GA has that “I could live there for a little while” feel and I certainly can’t wait to visit again next year for my friend’s graduation.

My visit to Athens was to attend the wedding of one of my former Duke Blue Devils turned real life friend. So happy for him and his gorgeous bride. I haven’t been to a wedding in a long time and I must say that I greatly enjoyed this affair. You could see how much these two people love each other. The wedding was simple, classic, chic, and fun. The weather could not have been better for an outdoor reception. The colors of the wedding were the colors of fall and with the leaves changing colors I was just overwhelmed by the splendor of it all. I was able to reconnect with Duke students I haven’t seen in years and I danced to some of my favorite songs and partook in my fair share of white wine. The food (cheese grits) was southern deliciousness and I even enjoyed the small talk with the groom’s family. The woman who presided over the nuptials is my new hero and I’d like to be her best friend.

I am praying hard for this union. The angels were smiling on these two and I hope they continue to do so for the rest of their lives. I learned a lot from the groom about going after the one you love and not letting that person slip away. I actually got kinda mushy and emotional. For a minute there I thought about getting married…I mean, I’m sure that’s just a phase right and that desire will fade away in the next day or three?!  While they flew off to Belize, I drove back to TN.

Being in Athens was peaceful. Sitting on the front porch, having a good stress free dinner, stuffing my face with cake while having a speaker phone conversation with another favorite from graduate school, talking until 3am with my bff about life, walking through campus on a non-gameday Saturday, and driving through TN in complete awe of the beauty God makes in this world. I also learned that a friendship is ever evolving and you never stop learning from someone who cares about you. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

I am settled until VA for Turkey Day and then Indy for the AFA Annual Meeting. I think my Mazda could use the rest not to mention an oil change, new tires, and brakes :/.

Later y’all.

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