On Thursdays, We give thanks.

Whoa! A Thursday post actually on Thursday. Stop it. Let’s do The Peanuts happy dance!

What am I thankful for today?

1. When my students tell me about the good things they do in the Nashville community. I work with Greeks. I love them. I often want to strangle them. I love them. Well, yesterday I was a bit bombarded with awesomeness as one of the fraternities sent me info about their participation in the “Light the Night Walk”  for Leukemia and Lymphoma with their parents on Family Weekend and one of our Tri-Council Circles had kids from Fannie Battle in the Student Center for a Craft Night. I saw one of the photos and it made my heart grow. Another of our sororities held a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House that included french fries and cheeseburgers. I know that fraternities and sororities do amazing works on and off campus. Oddly, I’m often the last person to hear about it and I am just incredibly thankful that of all weeks, when I need it the most, they shared some good stuff. Way to Be More!

2. My growing comfort with quitting things or saying “no”. I just let go of a couple of things this week and I already feel better. I feel lighter and like I can actually put more of myself into the things I actually want to do instead of the things I feel duped into doing or really only sounded great in the moment. There is this incredible freedom in realizing that the world will go on without you in it. These things will get accomplished and I don’t have to be the one who does it all. My former pastor eminded us that God begins the day while you are sleeping. He does this so that you can understand that you are not needed to make the world go around. He’s got this all under control.

3. The journal my aunt got me for Christmas. Yes, I blog but I also journal. Most of my journaling is full of church lessons and devotion reflections. I’ve been really good about using this journal in the development of my relationship with Christ. I was glad she was able to see me use it during her visit earlier this month. It puts my thoughts, questions, dreams, and prayers in one place.

4. Cancelled meetings! I get to come home today at 5pm. Watch out now! What should I do with all that extra daylight? I’m thinking I’m going to clean my apartment and my car. I mean, I am just a born rager these days ;).

That’s all for now.

Later y’all.

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