Music to My Ears.

Latest Spotify Additions

Heart Beats- Johnnyswim–Ummm…after the first 5 seconds I was addicted and my day at work took a whole new direction. Also, listen to Adelina, Annie, Home, Good News, Bonsoir, Hallelujah, and Paris in June. She is Donna Summers’ daughter. Done. Apparently, they live here in Nashville. I’m on the hunt. I have a weakness for soulful music. You just feel like the lyrics have come from the deepest and darkest places of their soul. A place that only a select few people can tap into and deliver what they find. Check out more about them on Back Down South.

Diamonds- Rihanna–Her personal life bothers me but I can’t help but love her catchy tunes. This one was the golden song I couldn’t wait to come on the radio on my drive to and back from Athens, GA. Find a local radio station and ride it till the wheels fall off.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift–What? Yep, I like it. Deal with it.

Anything Could Happen–Ellie Goulding–There is so much passion in her voice and the thought that “anything could happen” is inspirational and almost comforting–while scary at the same time.

Your Body- Christina Aguilera–I mean, get it boo! Her voice is money and the beat makes you move.

Fool For  You- Cee-Lo & Melanie Fiona–I heard this song on my mom’s radio station the last time I was at home and it caught my ear. I didn’t hear it again until driving home late from work and it certainly helped that drive down 70S move a bit faster. Strong soul music. Gotta love a well matched duet.

Valerie- Amy Winehouse–Why wasn’t this on my Spotify/iTunes years ago? No se, senor.

What are you listening to?

Later Y’all.

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