On Friday, I’m In Love with America’s Sweethearts

I enjoy a good series so I’ve decided to start one about all of my guilty and some not so guilty pleasures. Thursdays, I give thanks and on Fridays, I tell you something potentially embarrassing about myself. Way to wrap up the week, Clark!

First up, Making the Team: The Dallas Cowboys (don’t you dare forget that “s”) Cheerleaders, also known as the DCC.

This CMT show follows the women through try outs, the oh so treacherous training camp, and their debut in the Cowboys Stadium.

I can’t get enough of it and I’m super sad I’m missing the final episode of the season because I’ll be at work “raging” at a concert with these dudes performing. I put raging in quotation marks because I don’t actually get to rage. In fact, the thought of “raging” scares my liver. Anywho, back to DCC and their amazing Directors, Kelli Finglass and Judy Tramell. I actually want to be Kelli when I grow up.

I love watching the trials of these girls’ lives.  I mean, many of them pick-up and move to Texas without a dime in their pocket. They have to find side jobs to support themselves while they pursue their dream. The women learn over 55 dances and perfect the infamous kick line with the ouch inducing jump split. I mean, come on–this is work! You never know who is really going to be cut from the team and Judy and Kelli are amazing at laying down the law and keeping you in suspense. Kelli will make you cry and then when you leave the room she’ll let Judy know how much she likes you. Southern Sass at its finest. They work hard to make sure the “Often imitated but never duplicated” introduction of the ladies is a fact.

I’ve been watching it for so long that I remember when many of the current vets were rookies. Love the “Pink and Blue” moments and when they get split into groups. They support each other and even when you get sent home there is a DCC group hug waiting for you outside in the parking lot.

I mean, I know folks just think they cheer/dance but they also do a mountain of service and philanthropic work especially for our soldiers. Gotta applaud them for that as it means a lot to the men and women of the Armed Forces.

The try outs often produce lots of giggles because not every woman is built for the team and it never fails that every year a girl makes it to training camp and it is discovered that she has taken naughty photos. Kelli does not play with that, you are out on your behind faster than you can say DCC! This organization is values-based until they get fit for those uniforms. Mercy!  I do wonder what happened to Jay as he was the team’s trainer and would put them through a crazy bootcamp. He is no longer around so maybe some drama ensued. Regardless, these ladies got body for days. Work!

I don’t even like NFL football but I love the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They really are America’s Sweethearts.

Now you know, I love Making the Team. What’s your TV guilty pleasure? You know you’ve got one ;).


Later y’all.




2 thoughts on “On Friday, I’m In Love with America’s Sweethearts

  1. Meg says:

    totally in…love that show and not even embarrassed…its on the DVR and I don’t even apologize. Brendan judges, but too good, to turn off!

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