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I  feel like I discover a new blog everyday. Let’s be honest, these days I’m reading more blogs than books.  Here are some of my most recent favorites.

Necessary & Proper

What Courtney Wore

The Love List

Fash Boulevard

The EveryGirl

These are all quite fashion/lifestyle oriented.

What are you reading?

This is an interesting sentiment and one that I hope is not true but I do wonder if all of this egocentric blogging is really doing any good for the world. I mean, I enjoy it because I find it cathartic and engaging in reflection is a powerful exercise. It also keeps me in writing mode and allows me express my own brand of creativity BUT I’ve also found that reading blogs has made me covet more things that I can’t afford and don’t need. My sense of relative deprivation has increased. Although, I must say that blogs have also helped me become more creative with the things I own. There are certainly pros and cons. I started out wanting to do a fashion blog but there is more to me than what I wear. I live a cool normal life but nothing too fancy and nothing too outlandish. I don’t want people to look at my life and covet it but instead if they like what they see I want them to realize that they too can make this happen with little resources and a great attitude. I guess I also wanted a medium to record my life and look back on it with a mixture of embarassment, awe, and gratitude. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Social media has allowed everyone to put their highlight reel on display for the world to see and oftentimes we forget that there are outtakes and behind the scenes action that we will never be privy to in someone’s life. I’m more often positive than not on my blog as it takes a lot to be vulnerable on the interwebs. Just remember, you are usually only seeing the good stuff. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that is all there is for any person. We’ve all got stuff. I promise.


Later y’all.





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