On Fridays, I’m in Love With…

Overhearing conversations…

Yep, I’m a listener. I have really great hearing. It amazes me what people speak about in public places.

I’m not putting a glass to a door or planting bugs in rooms, I’m just listening intently.

Good places to listen? Airport, Starbucks, Elevator, Dressing Rooms, Public Restrooms

What do I get from it? You’d be surprised. People say things that make me think about my own life and move me to reflect on all that I have in which to grateful. Other times, I often wish that I could lean in and give them a hug.

I mean, in all honesty, schadenfreude, is alive and well. Why do you think we watched things like Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer and now indulge in tragic reality TV. The misfortune of others gives us pleasure. We feel better about our lives because at least we are not “those people”. This is not okay but it is the sad truth.

My mom calls me nosy but I don’t  pry–I just take in whatever floats past my ears. All I know is that everyone’s got their stuff and it is often quite difficult to not empathize/sympathize with someone once you’ve heard their story. The sheer humanity of people is dazzling and there is extreme power in the vulnarability we are capable of possessing.
There have been times when I’ve been close enough to hear to the conversation that one of the participants will say, “What do you think?” or “You probably think we’re nuts.” I’m always actually caught off guard by those call-ins, but I gladly participate. I mean, why not? I’m listening anyway :).
Just remember, if you happen to be near me and you’re having a conversation just be aware that I’m listening to you and in my head I’m coming up with my own witty comments and advice that you’ll never hear (unless you ask). My ears are always on alert.
This might be perceived as rude but maybe it is just an extension of my love of people and figuring out what makes them tick. Yeah, let’s look at it that way.
Later y’all.

So, what do you think?

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