On Thursdays, We Give Thanks.

How appropriate as today is Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!

Keeping the post short today as I am on Holiday and I am doing this from my iPhone.

1. Smooth travels–not one hiccup at the airport yesterday. Thanks Delta! The Jamaican lady working my flight from ATL was AMAZING! Those cookies in the red wrapper and my Cranapple Cocktail Juice made it a sweet time.

2. Social Media– Love how it helps me stay in contact with those I love from afar. I am blessed with the best people in my life and I love being able to send a quick message and even view images from their lives. Connection and Community are so important. Twitter and Facebook help me keep those elements central in my life.

3. Delta Delta Delta! We celebrated Founders’ Day yesterday. 124 years of steadfast love for one another. I became a member at 26 and the layer of sisterhood it has added to my life is amazing. DLAM to all my sisters! 1888 – FOREVER! Still in awe of what our founders created 124 years ago.

4. My new read, Calm My Anxious Heart, which is helping me to explore my tendency to worry and to control things that are beyond me. I have to remember to look to Him and trust that all that comes my way, good or bad, is a gift from Him and therefore is good as it is a part of His plan. I must pray and not worry!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble Gobble!!

Later Y’all!

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