The List

I have a monthly habit of making a “I’d Love To Do That List.” These lists include things like starting a blog, writing a guest post on a blog, joining a new organization, volunteering with a particular non-profit, and planning an event for people in my social circle, etc.

This  list is often short  and after I write the list I immediately take action on making them come to life. The actions might include sending out an email inquiry, filling out an application, and doing in depth research on the item, etc.

Most of the things on these lists have to do with my professional development but in the last year or so they’ve also included items that are “just for me”.

These lists help me feel accomplished and like I am always working towards a goal. Because the lists are short and the only pressure to complete the lists is from me then I don’t feel as stressed about them. Cool things make up the lists and though these things have been quite helpful to me in my life, if I didn’t do them then it would not be the death/termination of me.

November’s List

– Write another guest blog for Sorority Ever After –submitted request and 2 ideas for posts

– Be a guest writer for Levo League –submitted an idea

– Join Toastmasters –found a place close to my home and that can fit into my schedule

– Keep working towards lead facilitating a UIFI session (on my way with doing IMPACT in January)

– Take a more active role in the Nashville Delta Delta Delta Alumnae Association

– Get more involved with professional organizations that focus on college student leadership development

– Dinners/Lunches/HH/Brunches with a list of Nashville friends –Lots of plans on the rise for the week of Dec. 10th! Classes are over and I’ll have more free time to act my age.

– Run again…eek! My knees! –1 night run under my belt!

Checking something off this list will be a blessing. I look forward to making that happen. All of these things are helping me move in the direction that I feel my life is pulling me. Let’s hope my compass is on track ;).  What would be on your “I’d Love To Do That List”?

Later y’all.

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