I looked at my calendar and realized that I have an event every night of the week for the entire month. I don’t have any “couch” time. A part of me is excited about my involvement and another part of me just wants to have time to watch Hulu Plus and sit in comfort while wearing oversized sweatpants and munching on Welch’s Fruit Snacks.

A buddy of mine helped me reframe the month by listing the three things on my calendar that I’m most excited about occurring. Sure, I’ll buy into that. Here we go:

1. My So-Called Band at Cannery Ballroom -90’s music, festive beverages, and friends. Nuff said.

2. Emancipation Proclamation Viewing- The actual document is coming to the Tennessee State Museum located in downtown Nashville. The history nerd in me is geekin’ out. Wait, you didn’t know that I was a history nerd? I went to college in Colonial Williamsburg and actually went to the exhibits. Shh! Don’t tell my friends.

3. Melissa Harris Perry is coming to Vanderbilt. She’s legit. I’m not a publically political person but she fires me up. Love strong women!

4. KAIROS Women- I love KAIROS at Brentwood Baptist Church. This is their first women’s night and I’m excited to be a part of the experience. Worship and the word with women in Christ. Sign me up!

Okay, so I listed four things. My blog, remember? This is a great way to reframe the chaos of my everyday. I’m getting to do things that make me happy and grow me as a person. I’ll take it. I no longer tell people that “I don’t have time”. Instead, I tell them that I’ve prioritized my time elsewhere. We all have time when we really want to do something and for everything else we make tons of excuses. Admit it, if I asked you to help me move you’d totally be busy BUT if I asked you to go see Beyonce with me the same weekend you’d all of a sudden be free as a bird. Totes fine, no judgement.


“The bad news is time flies but the good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Altsuler


What are you up to this month?

Later y’all.


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