One Sweet Day.


It amazes me the sheer amount of things that can happen in a day.

I’ve been moved to tears three times.

I’ve been giddy like a school girl due to the presence of an NFL Quarterback and most importantly NFL Cheerleaders.

I met a woman who instantly inspired me to continue tackling my life.

I had a lot more work dropped into my plate.

I was reminded of just how much I love my family.

I had a teachable moment.

I said “no” to an experience. I said “yes” to another.

I’ve been over the moon grateful for my life in and the people of Nashville, TN.

I’ve been reminded about how important volunteers are to the world.

It was affirmed for that though I can’t change the whole world, I can certainly do my part to change a small part of it for the better.

And to think it is only 9:28pm. The amount that God gives us in our day is staggering. I know that He’s giving it to me because with Him I can handle it all.

My sweet mom sent me Psalm 91 to read this morning. Tis a great way to begin the day.

Later y’all.


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