Oh, when the Saints go MARCHing in…

March is here yet again…February is a mere 28 days of love and Black History.

What’s on my plate for March? Well, so happy you asked.

1. Reviving “On Thursday, We Give Thanks” and “On Friday, I’m in Love”. Sorry to leave you hangin with those series. Life happened and blogging was put on the backburner.
2. Office of the Dean of Students Movie Day (Argo) and Junior League Book Club in the same day. I can’t take the excitement!
3. JohnnySwim at Music City Roots at Loveless Cafe. Love this duo so very much!
4. Kairos’ Girls’ Night Out
5. JLN Kids in the Kitchen
6. Cultivating Excellence: Women & Gender Leadership Symposium. I’m a panelist with some really hotshot ladies.
7. 2 Girls on the Run Nasvhille Friend/Fun Raising Events
8. Flashdance at TPAC
9. Cross Point moves to its new location. Chapter 2 begins!!!

Whoa! Great times are ahead in March. It is going to be busy BUT I gotta step back and take in the whole picture. This month is a plate of incredible and I’m ready to dive in :).

Later y’all.

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