Krystal Love You

Check out DahliaLynn authored by the incredible blogger, jewelry designer, fashionista,Student Affairs Professional, and just all around human being Jessica Reasons.

I had the privilege of being featured in her “Love You” series. It is a pretty powerful moment to sit down and reflect on what you love about yourself. That power is only intensified by putting it on paper and sharing it with readers. This is quite helpful for this newly minted 30 year old ;).

I enjoyed the experience and I think you should consider writing your own “Love You”. Believe me, it can only help and whenever you’re feeling low just pull it out and remind yourself that you are beautifully and wonderfully made by His hands.

My trip to Austin, TX (details soon) afforded me the opportunity to grab a pic by this ever popular wall.

Thanks for reading!

Later Y’all

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