The Happiest 5K on Earth! or “The inside of my nose is still blue and I think I’m coughing up rainbow dust.”

Hey Y’all!

Sorry for the break in life updates. I’ve been in a weird place lately and that place hasn’t led me to post updates. I’m working my way to the summer. The students have 13 more days of classes. I love them but we are at that time of the year during which we have to break up for 3 months. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

My friend Jana convinced me to participate in The Color Run. She had a team, Color Me Tender, and our friend Lisa and her hubby Michael (The Bergs) joined in for the fun. Now, when the decision was made to register for this 5K, I had all intent to actually train to run the 3.1 or 3.2 miles around Nashville. However, life got in the way and this event snuck right on up on me and before I knew it I had to make a mad dash to the 24-hour Wal-Mart to purchase the white apparel strongly suggested for the race. The speed at which I went to the store greatly outpaced the speed at which me and Lisa walked the run.

I’m sure you all have heard of The Color Run, correct? All the cool kids have those pictures in which they look like a bag of Skittles while smiling with their other cool friends having the absolute bestest time EVER!

Here’s the reality of The Happiest 5K on Earth:
-In my mind there were people throwing the colored dust at you as you made your way along the course. However, there are color stations and when you get to one there are volunteers covered in dust while wearing masks and sometimes goggles who have bottles of dust to squirt at you and barrels of dust to throw at you. My friend Lisa was pummeled in the face at the yellow station. Yellow, orange, pink, and blue are your color stops. Once you get over the first shock you start getting into being sprayed by strangers and in order to produce the ultimate Facebook pic you start making sure that all sides of you are equally covered in color. The runners were able to escape full coverage while us walkers bore the brunt of the assault.
– The race was supposed to begin at 9AM. Well, we didn’t start walking until 9:40AM. Why? It takes time to refill squirt bottles of colored dust.
– If you should ever do this event, please carry a mask because I coughed for about a week or so after the event due to inhaling loads of dust AND to my utter surprise my tissues were covered in blue for days since the dust attacked my nostrils.
– Make sure wherever you do the race that they have good speakers. It would have been more appealing standing in a mass of people dressed in white if I’d been able to dance to the pop music being blared over the speakers.
– Make plans to get a mani and throw in a pedi just for good measure after the race. My nails were blue and green.
– Make sure to take something to cover your car seats post race unless you want to have tie dyed upholstery.
– Wear layers if it is chilly. I sported long white pants, a white top, my Color Run t-shirt, a hoodie, and a hat. All White Everything! I looked like an ice cream man but I was warm.
– Everyone gets a packet of dust to throw at The Festival at the end of the event. I mean, okay. There was a dance party with lots of techno dance music which I heard was fun for like 10 minutes.
– Yes, I took photos and they are on Facebook. Fine, you got me and I’m putting them here too for you to see. Deep down, we all just want to be cool :/.
– Make plans for an epic shower post race.

Was it fun? I mean, it was great to walk through Nashville with a friend. We chatted and saw the city from a different perspective. The run supports a great cause, Amputee Blade Runners, and it only cost $20.00. The people watching was worth that much. We received a nice t-shirt, a headband, and a pack of colored dust for our efforts. The color stations are actually quite beautiful and the blue was my favorite. I think the vast majority of the city participated in the race which is also cool to be a part of such a widespread event. We laughed and giggle while also briefly questioning our choice to participate in this activity. Would I do it again? I would never say “never” BUT I’m not really chomping at the bit for next year’s race. Though, if you’ve never done it I wouldn’t deny you the opportunity. It is coming back to Nashville on October 20th, 2013. Be there! Be a Color Runner! Perhaps we can meet up for drinks after you shower ;0.

Later Y’all

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