30 happened 13 days ago.

I always thought I would throw a huge bash for my 30th birthday but I kept it pretty low key with a Happy Hour at Cabana with some of my favorite people. I can’t help but feel good that people took time out of their lives to help me celebrate my life.

I then went off on an adventure with Ms. Berry to Austin, TX. Can’t wait to share with you the deets of my trip. Good times :).

30 came and it is still here.

It is one of those ages that society has forced you to think about and try to figure out, “What’s next?” “Am I moving too slow?” “Am I too late?” “Is this thing ever going to happen to poor little ‘ol me?” “Have I done enough?” “Is this all there is?” and really “Why am I not where I thought I’d be by now?” Here’s the thing, the answers to those questions don’t magically appear on your 30th birthday so what’s the use of being stressed out on your special day in the world. The day that God decided to give you to the world does not need to be spent in a drunken and depressed stupor. It needs to be spent celebrating how far He has brought you. That’s what I did and continued to do in TX. That’s what I’m going to aim to do everyday for the rest of my life. Do I worry about certain things? Yes. I just won’t let those thoughts paralyze my joy. Yesterday happened and there is nothing I can do about tomorrow so I have to live the truth of my current moment. That is all that is in my sphere of control.

I’m going to treat 30 just like I did 29. I’m going to attack it and work to accomplish my goals, but as per usual I have to understand that my plan can always be trumped by His and I can’t be mad at that because I’m in a pretty good place in this world. Is life perfect? No. Is it horrible? No. Am I blessed? Beyond words. I’ve had a few extra gray hairs pop up (They each have a fraternity/sorority chapter or member name –shh!). Luckily, the old adage of “Black don’t crack” is gospel truth. Amen!

I’m still under the impression that anything can happen and I’m trying to be open to what’s in store. 30 is a number and a state of mind. To be honest, on a good day, I think I’m still at 27 but working with college students often moves my mindset to 45. Like I told my friend Kayte, “3 decades down and 7 to go”. I’m not even halfway there yet ;). Time is moving fast and I don’t want to fool myself into thinking I have all the time in the world BUT I do think it is incredibly important to celebrate all that has happened and to enjoy the present.

I love my birthday and I can’t imagine not wanting to celebrate it with friends and family. I also won’t be one of those people who celebrates the 2nd anniversary of her 30th birthday. Who knows? That might change one day but I hope not because all in all I’m just happy to be here. Aren’t you?

Later Y’all

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