Nom Nom! Nashville’s 50 Best Restaurants

50 Best

I’m a firm believer that food is the great unifier of the masses. I can break bread with pretty much anyone and when you’re in a new city and you’re on a mission to find friends then food dates are your best strategy to success.

Eating your way through a city has 2 main drawbacks: 1. Food is uber expensive and can take up a lot of your disposable income. 2. My waistline is not the same size it was when I arrived in 2011. Oh well, I would have spent that money on dresses anyway and there is just a bit more of me to love.

Nashville Lifestyles has come out with my food bible for this year and I’m eager to being setting up some food dates with new and old friends. The 50 Best Restaurants cover the gammit and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Excited to try:
– Arnold’s Country Kitchen (#1)
– Etch (#3)
– Rolf & Daughters (#8)
– Caffe Nonna
– Germantown Cafe
– Mas Tacos Por Favor

Already had the pleasure:
– F. Scott’s (#4)
– City House (#5)
– Margot Cafe & Bar (#7)
– 1808 Grille
– Burger Up
– Eastland Cafe
– Firefly Grille
– Kalamatas
– Loveless Cafe
– Merchants
– The Pharmacy
– Silly Goose
– Silo
– The Southern
– Table 3
– Tin Angel
– Urban Grub
– Valentino’s
– The Yellow Porch

Yum! Yum! Excuse me while I begin asking people out on dates :). Maybe, I’ll choose you ;).

Later Y’all.

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