Work It Out: Squat Challenge

Something is wrong with me. I mean, there are a plethora of things wrong with me as I feel there are with most human beings ;). Right?

My issue is that I don’t want to go to the gym. Now, I’m not a fitness maniac BUT since college I have always appreciated a good visit to the gym. Often, for no other reason than stress relief. I have a gym membership that I am paying for every month. I’m a person who takes full advantage of things I pay for.

I fell off the wagon in a major way and I’ve got to get back in there. Sigh.

I have a feeling that if I just go once and have a good experience that I will prioritize making subsequent visits. My relationship with the gym is completely based on the amount of stress I have in my life. In college, I was always stressed out so I went to the gym almost everyday and during the summer months I would stay for 2 hours. In the final years of my last job, I was uber stressed and so me and the Duke Recreation Center became BFF. I came to Nashville and felt much less stress which led to less gym time, more eating, and additional happy pounds. The weight gain stressed me out so I went back to the gym and now I’m just meh. I’m certainly stressed but it is manifesting itself in couch potato syndrome and not elliptical/lift heavy weights syndrome.

New headphones have been purchased to aid in increasing my desire for the elliptical machine. I mean, for goodness sakes, it is summer. This is not the season to slack off at the gym and I’m not getting any younger so I have to keep my health in check.

Blech! I think, I’m just exhausted.

In order to rev me up to get back into physical fitness, I have decided to embark on this newly popular Squat Challenge. One of my fashion designer loves, Rachel Roy is all about it so I figure why not give it a shot.

The squat is a fitness move that I used to enjoy as I could see the impact it was having on my lower half. I will always be bootylicious but I certainly want to stay toned. I also enjoy doing squats with barbells because I feel uber strong. Form is important for this movement to be effective and not damaging. If you haven’t been taught the proper squat form, then please seek professional assistance. Always knees directly over ankles and sit back like you would in a chair or as my Zumba teacher says, “on a public toilet”. I also enjoy sumo squats.

I apologize for the buttocks in this photo but, it is inspiring…

squat challenge

I shall keep you up to date on my progress. Day 1 is starting in about 30 minutes. Get excited and let’s hope I can walk tomorrow :).

Late y’all.

So, what do you think?

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