Because I’ve Never Been There Before

These are just few of my favorite images from my 30th Birthday Trip to Austin. I went with the lovely Jennifer B. Why did we go to Austin? Well, I’ve always heard great things and I’ve never been there before. I’m not a spontaneous purchaser of plane tickets but thanks to JB I pulled the trigger and don’t have any regrets.

This city has a cool vibe. “Keep Austin Weird” is the city’s slogan. Yes, it is weird and it seems to be a place that just lets people live. Delicious Mexican food and margaritas, live music, bats, food trucks, UT, The Driskill Hotel, nice cab drivers, Clive, and Midnight Cowboy, etc. made this trip fantastic. If you want to see all my photos, head over to my facebook page at I know that Austin is in Texas but I never felt like I was in “Texas”.

Perfect weather and a good friend made it the best package deal. I liked taking a trip for my birthday and I think it shall become a new annual tradition.

Thanks Austin for an amazing vacation and some fun memories.

Later Y’all!

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