The Thrill

So, I needed a pick me up on Friday and a buddy of mine let it be known that tickets had been released for the previously announced as SOLD OUT The Black Keys concert.


I breathed for about two seconds before I went online in search of a treat. I put one ticket in my Shopping Cart–thought, “no, I better not buy this ticket.” I then looked at my list of things to do and immediately went back to search for another ticket that was a bit cheaper and closer to the stage. Well, I ended up getting an obstructed view seat and felt a bit peeved but then thought, “whatever, I get to hear The Black Keys live and that is enough.” I felt good about Section 108 Row GG Seat 8. I was off to the side of the stage which is quite an interesting perspective and turned out to be quite a blessing.

I saw the band enter and exit, I saw Dan Auerbach’s little girls watch Daddy at work on stage, I saw them exit the stage and then re enter for the encore. Dan waved at us as he walked past and had a face full of gratefulness as we were screaming for his attention. Patrick isn’t much of a waver. I saw the videoscreen up close and personal but never really saw the seldom used backup band.

What got me–the thrill was when I finally looked out into the audience. From my vantage point I could see the entire arena staring back at me. Not really at me, but you know what I mean. It took my breath away. To see all of those people just loving what was happening on that stage. I got to thinking, “How does it feel to know that all of those people are there for you?” Now, many of the audience members were high off of various substances, but every time I looked out into Bridgestone Arena, I got high off the thrill of being in a place with that many people and the opportunity of looking back at them. Imagine holding that crowd’s attention. Chills, I say, chills! It was one of those times that I paused, breathed deeply, and took in as I wanted to remember what I felt like at that very moment.

I’m a fan of the stage. I love a microphone. I love the opportunity to speak to the masses. It is a place of comfort for me and where I’m at my best. I could have looked out into that audience the whole night without issue. The two large disco balls that appeared prior to the encore added to the beauty of the moment as everyone was sparkling in the audience.

I’ll never be a rockstar. I don’t have an inkling of musical talent that extends beyond middle school show choir. However, something about that moment charged me up to figure out how can I get back on a stage (large or small) and experience the best high I’ve ever known.

bk 2

Later Y’all.

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