The Issue

My obsession with fashion magazines has waned over the years, especially as Pinterest and Blogs have taken over when it comes to reporting the trends. I still pick up People’s Style Watch when there is a person on the cover whose style I admire. The June 2013 issue has Lauren Conrad on the cover. LC= Automatic Purchase! OBSESSED!

I went through the issue and picked out some looks that I want to try this summer. I love Lauren’s style because it is chic, feminine, simple, classic, and clean. She’s all about pretty dresses with neutral heels or skinny pants with a flowy blouse. She wears things that a person of my size can find, purchase, wear, and not feel uncomfortable. She’ll do color which is a huge must for me. Her Kohl’s line is accessible and accommodates a wide range of sizes.

Here are my selections from this issue:

My goal is to recreate these looks and then let you see the results. Now, I must admit for some of these pictures I just want the look, but not the exact items. I love the idea of a white dress with a summer bag and colorful flats. The dress that Olivia Palermo chose to wear, however, isn’t really my style.

This should add another level of fun to my shop less, do more philosophy this summer. Wish me luck!

Later Y’all

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